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  1. X Hoser

    My new river buddy.

    Congratulations Brewers!
  2. X Hoser

    Boat Issue...

    When mine did that it was the Brazil (sp?) Valve.
  3. X Hoser

    Zillow dealeo

    From what I understand Zillow is in the business of BUYING properties, thus their “estimate of value” is most always low. This is what I have been told, correct me if untrue.
  4. X Hoser

    Old Man Issues . . . . . . . .

    I told the wife I got a new set of state of the art hearing aids. The wife asked what kind ? Duh, 3 o’clock.
  5. X Hoser

    Draw bar? Receiver question

    Mine has the factory reducer. (GMC) Lost it once and tried the U-Haul reducer and it was sloppy and difficult to line up the holes as it did not have a shoulder one end. Went back to the factory one. They only cost a little more but worth it in my mind.
  6. X Hoser

    Avoid at all costs...

    Yep! It’s called a stupid tax for not planning ahead. Get out in the middle of nowhere and need gas, you’re gonna pay for it. Best money spent vs running out 😜
  7. X Hoser

    Anybody own an RV pad anywhere?

    Outdoor Resorts in Cathedral City, CA. you can buy. Rent it out when not using yourself. Some are improved pretty nicely.
  8. X Hoser

    Citrus Trees

    Mine too. Love the smell but my hay fever! 🤪
  9. X Hoser

    Anybody know anything about comic book prices?

    I’m following this thread. Same as The Prisoner, I have a box of comics from the 60’s. Jug Head, Archie and other misc. comics. Also have newspaper front pages of significant events dating back to ???? probably Kennedy’s assasination? Also have a stamp collection my wife’s great-grandfather had...
  10. X Hoser

    Great American ShortCourse

    In case any of you are interested! It’s back in So Cal.
  11. X Hoser

    Seven days to go

    Congratulations Gramps! Enjoy your retirement.
  12. X Hoser

    She said yes!!!

    Congratulations Jed!
  13. X Hoser

    E Bikes?

    X2 on the Electric Bike Company in Newport Beach. Appear to be very well built. Ours are holding up real good. Full electric or pedal assist. All the bells and whistles about $2500.
  14. X Hoser

    Wanted ...

    I have a friend that has a ?2003 Buick La Sabre? he got from his MIL. It had like 12000 miles on it a couple of years ago. His daughter has been driving it so maybe 40000 on it now? He’s out of town but due back tomorrow night. I can get better info it it is a possibility? Just don’t Let her...
  15. X Hoser

    Stand By Generator Cost

    Bought mine through www.norwal.com
  16. X Hoser

    Question for the Plumbers

    Thanks everyone. I have the same concerns as mentioned. I already have a section in my attic about 15’ long. Pipe down the wall and attached on the other end to existing pipe in the attic. Not bonded on either end. Was thinking I should run a bonding clamp on each end and tie together with #6...
  17. X Hoser

    Question for the Plumbers

    Thanks for the bump. I know our city allowed it a while back, just not sure now. I’ll have to check. I am more interested in what the plumbers think about it? From an earthquake standpoint, I see potential benefits. Safety? Longevity?
  18. X Hoser

    Question for the Plumbers

    Does CSST Flex gas pipe meet code in San Bernardino County? Even if it does, what is your take on it? For reference it will be ran in the attic. Thanks in advance.
  19. X Hoser

    Daytona center pod question- help needed

    I had a 25 single step, 496 Ho and standard Bravo 1. I had fixed tunnel tabs that were about 12” long. The only time I had any hop at all was on glassy water and it was minimal at that. Problem was the 496 was not enough power for that hull. The boat never packed air and felt “free”. I can’t say...
  20. X Hoser

    C8 Corvette Engine Fails After Only 57 Miles, Valve Spring Issue Most Likely

    My understanding the exhaust valves failed? Hadn’t heard about the valve spring issues? Maybe one of the same? Have not owned one so can’t say for sure.