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  1. Lucky Larry

    Lose Your Cushions On Lake Moovalya?

    Larry fished these out today. Possibly from the downed boat Cofooter posted, but hard to tell. That thing didn’t look like it even had seats. Holler if you lost it in Parker. Lucky’s Wife
  2. Lucky Larry

    Missing Boater/Body?

    Helo has been up and down the Strip about 8 x’s so far and the sheriff’s boat just went by. Not a good sign. Praying for whoever’s involved.
  3. Lucky Larry

    Beware today, CHP along interstate 10

    COPS ON I-10 ~ about 10 of them sitting & waiting ~ like shooting fish in a barrel. Got a guy towing & an orange Lambo 👎🏻, along with 4 or 5 others. I-10 Eastbound between the 62 & N. Palm Canyon. “Lucky’s Wife”