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  1. renodaytona

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    If you want to do it to say you've been there then that would be the "why". It's fun but not Glamis fun. I think it is about less than half the size of Dumont. Yes I run just paddles, there are however miles and miles of dirt roads that you can take from valley to valley to explore. It's only a...
  2. renodaytona

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    It's 6.5 hours from Vegas.
  3. renodaytona

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    Absolutely, looking forward to the next one. Looks like lake test this Saturday for you and Dave?
  4. renodaytona

    Easter Weekend Sand Mountain NV

    Had an awesome time with @Tahoe540 at Sand Mountain NV for Easter weekend. Had a front hollow spindle pinch nut keep coming loose and ended the weekend with a punctured rear paddle. Dam fun weekend for our crew.
  5. renodaytona

    How many people are coming to Desert Storm WITHOUT A BOAT??

    I might be into this, definitely makes it easier for me to make the trip.
  6. renodaytona

    Anyone hear of an accident near Topock?

    Tough way to start the busy season. Stay safe and alert everyone.
  7. renodaytona


    I have an older Lowrance in the Tatum it works but hardly use it up here. Once we venture to Glamis (hopefully fall this year) that's when it will definitely be used but I might be upgrading it to that newer Elite version when I do the teardown this summer.
  8. renodaytona

    Bourbon Thread - Reviews

    I've been growing my collection lately. I haven't opened the Stagg, saving it for a special occasion. The OGD 114 and Dickel are in my top 5.
  9. renodaytona

    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    San Felipe is my favorite of all of the towns I've been to down there. I've been telling the wife we need to head down there for a week and just chill. Looks like you are all having a great time so far.
  10. renodaytona

    Rip pismo beach

    Same up here at Sand Mountain, when Pismo was closed most of last year there were a lot of people coming from Cali that used to go there.
  11. renodaytona

    Travel Trailer 20' - 25' - New? Used? Which Brands?

    Keep shopping and be ready to jump on a deal that pops up. I looked all over the west coast for a toy hauler that I could fit the Tatum in. Lots of over priced ones out there but I waited and got a good deal on the one we picked up a few weeks ago.
  12. renodaytona

    Solar on an RV?

    Definitely looking into solar for the new to us toy hauler. I feel a bit spoiled with the onboard generator though, coming from our other 5th wheel that didn't have one.
  13. renodaytona

    Get to Work!

    My daughter which is 9 now learned everything about reloading Ammo when she was 6. She knows the whole process and enjoys helping me.
  14. renodaytona

    Last dune trip of the season.

    We are just entering the great dunning weather here up north. Spent last weekend at Sand Mountain. We will be back out for Easter weekend as well.
  15. renodaytona

    Who was or still is a street racer

    Never got into the muscle cars as they were out of my price range, I did have a pretty fast AWD eagle talon with a big turbo, cams, etc. Took it to Sac a few times and whooped up on quite a few at the street races and at the track.
  16. renodaytona

    Ford Super Duty with Tremor Package

    There was a guy at Sand Mountain Saturday in a new F250 Tremor (7.3 gas) that followed a group of us, I was in my Tatum sand rail we were all over the dunes. Guy had some big huevos, the only place he couldn't go was all the way up Comp hill.
  17. renodaytona

    New to us 3505 Weekend Warrior

    Overall length is 36', length to first cabinet is 16' including the 1' dove tail, 80" wide between the fender wells.
  18. renodaytona

    Old beer Koozies

    My pops had these, in fact I think he still does on a shelf in his garage.
  19. renodaytona

    Old beer Koozies

    I'm a koozie whore, I have hundreds of them in a couple drawers in the kitchen and the toy hauler. I probably use a random one a few times a year, mid summer.
  20. renodaytona

    New to us 3505 Weekend Warrior

    Thank you, I looked and looked at hundreds of toy haulers online and this is the one that I kept going back too. It all worked out just perfectly. The dam thing tows amazing as well even up from Sac (sea level) over Donner summit just over 7K' elevation.