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  1. old rigger

    Funny things said in Court

    Got this from a friend who's wife, like mine, is a court reporter. These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges...
  2. old rigger

    Old School Tahiti Boats Brochure

    Came across this brochure today as I'm kinda, maybe close to picking up another old, and hopefully last, Tahiti project. Brought back a ton of memories seeing these pages. Found it on a Hydro Stream owners site of all places. This had to be '72 as there are no bubble decks yet, they would come...
  3. old rigger

    Hoping this will cure my fear of sharks.

    Price seems ok too. Wife wants a pontoon, fuck that, this would work. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/758017945040981/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  4. old rigger

    Free Pre Alpha NOS lower unit case

    Pre 1983 merceriser except TR drives. I've had this sitting on the rack behind the garage for decades, can't even remember where or why I bought it. Few scratches in the original paint, price will be adjusted accordingly. If anyone can use it, it's yours. free.
  5. old rigger

    Down hill skateboard documentary

    I'd forgotten about reading in one of the local papers that this film was being made. Released in '13. These events were right here in our backyard although I didn't hear about them until the 3rd year, probably because I wasn't a skateboarder. I went to that 3rd one and for some reason thought...
  6. old rigger

    simply the best Christmas movie ever made.

    Of course it's a trilogy but the other 2 don't hold up to the original.
  7. old rigger

    sold 2003 Silverado

  8. old rigger

    Old Tahiti racing picture

    I remember this picture from when I was a kid and how I thought it was pretty cool that a Tahiti made it into print. This is from an old Powerboat mag. Its funny how your memory works, for years I thought it was a shot of the little Tahiti Toad 20 racing but it's the larger 22' and I thought I...
  9. old rigger

    A happy little song to sing as you pass Cienega Springs.

    I think this postcard dates from the late 50s.
  10. old rigger

    [WTS] Spun Aluminum tank

    38" X 8" which I think is 8 gallons. Someone painted it at some point, why...I haven't a clue. Super clean inside, built in vent which is perfect for a buggy, not so much for a boat. $100.00
  11. old rigger

    1949 Autoette

    These things were built here in Long beach and as a kid I can remember them all over the place, used almost exclusively by seniors that couldn't drive a car any longer. They were allowed to drive them on the sidewalks until an older guy took out another guy on top of a ladder changing the name...
  12. old rigger

    SOLD 2005 GMC Sierra single cab short bed

    Sold. I like this truck and have kept it pretty clean. 3 grandkids are changing my needs to be able to haul them around and I picked up another '05 Sierra crew cab as I really like this body style. V6, new shocks with zero miles, just smogged, new tags, original interior, am/fm radio that I...
  13. old rigger

    Damn Costco battery

    truck battery took a shit just shy of 8 years old.
  14. old rigger

    "Cast out, set it"

    My 2 year old grandson, he'll probably drop the pole and scream when he lands his first fish. He's 2 (a sister 1 and another sister 3 months) and this was down in the Los Cerritos Channel that's near his house and runs parallel to the San Gabriel river. Both are toilets but good for teaching...
  15. old rigger

    Badenochs to re-open?

    Sitting at the Roadrunner bar Wednesday night and the guy sitting next to us said he was working on opening the place up. The he showed us some pics of the work he’s inside. I asked him how he was going to work it out with CRIT and he pulled up his sleve and shows his crit tattoo. Said he can...
  16. old rigger

    Eating Bat

    Not the same bats as our friends in China eat but often with the same results.
  17. old rigger

    Bag 'o helmets lost on the 60, keep an eye out please

    My daughters boyfriends family lost, as the title says, their helmets on the 60 early this morning on their way to the river. I know its a long shot but if someone see's this, please pick it up. We're heading out tomorrow morning but by then they'll probably be for sale at the Beaumont swap...
  18. old rigger

    Roadrunner's Roadraper

    Kinda sweet for me but the girls like 'em. Back in the day it was just called a "roadrunner" and it was the size of a draft beer. Our daughters and friends finished off quite a few of them and now we have a all those mugs that never get used taking up room in the cupboard. hmmm, what to do?
  19. old rigger

    Halloween water skiing