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  1. glamis0812

    I just can’t win

    Vic don’t get to caught up on towing numbers you are reading because if you were to load both trucks to max tow rating it’s a big difference towing with a diesel. I’ve towed a lot with a Chevy 8.1 (which I love) and now a 2020 Ford 6.7 and it’s a world of difference. If you don’t go to big on a...
  2. glamis0812

    Any updates on the speed car?

    There’s a lot of toy haulers out there that sand rails fit into and the more money in maintenance is worth it.
  3. glamis0812

    Tow Vehicle

    None of those boats are really heavy, any 1/2 ton will work.
  4. glamis0812

    3 inch receiver for new truck

    Don’t listen to the old timers, lift that thing. I tow a 48’ Weekend Warrior, 35’ enclosed and a 34’ Advantage Partycat just fine and at any speed I want.
  5. glamis0812

    3 inch receiver for new truck

    I went with bulletproof, this thing is solid. My truck is a 2020 F450 6” lift on 37’s
  6. glamis0812

    Super Duty holy grail of trucks

    Holy Grail of loud, slow, oil leaks and crap trans.
  7. glamis0812

    Bully ok?

    Oh crap I guess I have to give the Nordic back.
  8. glamis0812

    Netflix recommendations?

    Operation Odessa (True Story) awesome.
  9. glamis0812

    Sand Sports Super Show this weekend 10-17/18-20

    Just got shutdown for tomorrow
  10. glamis0812

    Which truck to buy?

    Easy F650
  11. glamis0812

    Sport chassis or f450?

    F450 has the same as a F350, detuning starts at the F550
  12. glamis0812

    2" Hollow upgrade

    Nice upgrades
  13. glamis0812

    Havasu Riviera up date

    Sounds exactly like my experience and thoughts. We passed on it and not looking back.
  14. glamis0812

    17” vs 20” Dually wheel ?

    Mine are Fuel Forged direct bolt on which are made here. You are right there are some quality adapters but it’s also a added cost of a grand.
  15. glamis0812

    17” vs 20” Dually wheel ?

    Thanks, I researched it to death. I wanted a direct bolt on and no adapters or spacers and mine barely stick out past the fender.
  16. glamis0812

    17” vs 20” Dually wheel ?

    Steering didn’t get affected, still turns awesome. I lifted mine 6”, had to flip the axles on my fifth wheel. I love this truck, the power is crazy even with 37’s.
  17. glamis0812

    17” vs 20” Dually wheel ?

    I went with 22”/37’s
  18. glamis0812

    Surprising Result! Can a New Half-ton Gas Truck Out-tow an Old Diesel HD Pickup? Let's Find Out!

    They actually make some great truck videos but this one not so much.
  19. glamis0812

    5th wheel hitch - F**k ETrailer.com

    If I was closer to you I would let you use mine. I also ordered my B&W through etrailer but it was a month before all this crap going on.