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  1. Done-it-again

    Damn increases.......

    Just received my new increase on pipe. We use a lot of 1.660 od 12ga smooth gal pipe... now $2.60 ft..... 4 week ago it was $2.15 and will be going up again in may. I was paying $1.62 in Jan and with each bundle being 1,464' shit is adding up buying 5-6 bundles at a time........ This doesn't...
  2. Done-it-again

    Lincoln Dealer ship?

    Can anyone recommend a Lincoln dealership in Socal?
  3. Done-it-again

    Golf cart guru

    Need help ID’ing the year of our cart. It’s been mixed from the previous owner as a 14 but I’m seeing old tags as a 17. Just need to confirm type (txt/pds) and year so I can start ordering parts.
  4. Done-it-again

    Anyone looking for a Super C?

    There has been talk a lot of people looking for a Super C lately.... Here is a pretty much brand new one. Supposed to better than the Seneca https://str8uptoytrader.com/vehicle/2020-entegra-accolade-37t/
  5. Done-it-again

    Damn CA.....

    All state run campgrounds are closed, WTF. The ones that are open like “Newport dunes” it’s only for essential travel. While I have the pass my family does not. F’u Newscum. Your head so far up your own ass it’s unreal. You brag about CA is the 5th largest economy and your killing it...
  6. Done-it-again

    Texas bound

    Next stop Texas......we’ll, maybe a few stops on the way.
  7. Done-it-again

    Shoutout to detaildan

    Had @Detaildan hook up the new trailer. Was told that the gray has a tendency to fade so had Dan ceramic coat it. I think it came out great and glad I had it done. Should be easier to keep clean on our trip to Texas after Christmas. thanks for getting me in Dan
  8. Done-it-again

    Camp Chairs / Loungers

    No longer need. They have a few scuffs here and there for loading in and out of the trailer. $15ea located in Ontario.
  9. Done-it-again

    All LH marine shops currently busy?

    I have a few calls and a text to my normal shop, but so far no call back in 2 days. Moving on tomorrow if I don't get a response back. I need the boat picked up in Needles, do the annual service (impeller too) and do an inspection for the new buyer.... If all clears he will pick it up at...
  10. Done-it-again

    Who's Skater?

    Saw this last night having dinner in Ontario.... Sorry of the shitty pics Was being pulled by a red sportchassis
  11. Done-it-again

    Suspension Air bags?

    Looking at getting a set of helper bags for my super duty. Are Firestone bags the one to get? Can I adapt a viair air system to control the bags? want to level the truck a bit before our trip to Texas in the trailer.
  12. Done-it-again

    LAM.... New Trailer

    Finally have our new trailer.... I cant say enough about Jake at Rowley White in AZ (the whole team as well). This was a long 7 months for my family, but we knew it was going to take time to build due to covid and shutting down the supply chain. I also went though my Montana LLC, so it took a...
  13. Done-it-again

    Christmas lights install

    Can anyone recommend someone in the IE? Rancho/Fontana area.... Wife wants them on this year, and I'm not one getting on the 2nd floor and hanging over.
  14. Done-it-again

    Fork lift repair needed

    I'm looking to get a fork lift back up and running after it had been setting for about 10yrs..... Anyone know of a place in the Ontario area they can recommend?
  15. Done-it-again

    [WTS] 97’ Hallett 240 OB

  16. Done-it-again

    Misc items for sale (more stuff added)

    Ford Mustang hood. Needs body work ones a 1965. $50 Spare tire/rim fit's for Excursion bolt pattern $ 40.00 Wheel chocks we made for a DP motor home.... $40.00
  17. Done-it-again

    Solar panel cleaning

    Can anyone recommend someone in the Rancho/Fontana area. Needing to get our panels cleaned up.
  18. Done-it-again

    Restaurants charging for CDC PPE?

    The wife took her mother out for her B-day today and was charged a fee for CDC/PPE, 2.5% of the bill. She didn't want to make a stink, but we will be watch from now on.... I know restaurants have been increasing their prices, so don't tell me they didn't include this in their revised costs....
  19. Done-it-again

    Power sun shade

    Can anyone recommend a company for a power sun shade? similar to the attached photos? I have a California room that needs to be closed off in the afternoon. located in Fontana/Rancho boarder.
  20. Done-it-again

    5th wheel hitch feedback.

    Getting a new 5th wheel and need some feedback on hitches. I had a old Reese 20k before. Now having the prep system looking to see what’s out there. I like the Reese M5 and the B&W companion. what do you have and do you like it?