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    Raising boys

    Pretty sure everyone knows I have 3 boys. A couple months back we took some family pictures and my phone made a little video clip. I posted it yesterday, and everyone was saying how cute my boys are, and we have such the perfect family 😂😂😂 my apprentices tell me that all the time. You have the...
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    What a piece of shit

    Not a single question... he’s a bigger pussy than squeezeeee
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    I just can’t win

    One of those days when you just feel like giving up. Fuck man, I just don’t get it. Why me, why does life always have to kick me in the balls. Such a good day went to shit so fast. I’ll get over it, I’m just frustrated I guess
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    I’m sure you guys already know but where our kids go to school will play a huge part on their lives. I pay for my kids to go to private school now. We are Christians and they go to a private Christian school. This morning my middle boy Noah walked out and I’m watching Qanon on Vice. He sat down...
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    I dunno, somebody called it though. Positive tests will be drastically dropping. Biden is my hero 🙄🙄🙄 https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05?fbclid=IwAR2KggJdWNAGW5BMVudYOkpcOgE3W0NGP_x1dBudqJA7iPs4kE4gWfbA_GU
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    Wood is in trouble...

    Looks like the secret service is investigating death threats to pence. They are posted here. I didn’t see anything on this down here
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    Serial podcast -Adnan Syed

    The last couple trips out to BHC my kids have been rolling out early, and staying later with my parents. The wife and I have been listening to podcasts on the drive there and back. This last trip we did one called SERIAL. My wife had already heard it but we listened to season 1 which was about...
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    The 40

    I’m getting ready to leave Norco in a few minutes. Waze has me taking the 15 and going the back way avoiding the 40. Anyone know why that might be?
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    Just showing off

    There’s a lot of things in this world I don’t understand. One thing I do know for sure is how happy the people in these pictures make me. Pictures aren’t cheap and every year we spend a bunch of money to get them done. This year I feel Like showing off a little. I know it’s been a tough year for...
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    BHC riding

    I’m going to take the boys out to bhc tomorrow for the weekend. Load up the bikes and watch them figure it out. Should be a good time. I haven’t thrown my leg over a bike in a while. Buddy just started racing again and I’m jealous so we’ll see what happens with that.
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    I’m convinced

    Trump wins Nevada and flips Arizona. Biden came close, but it’s just not going to happen. I’m done watching the news.
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    Oh the joys of being a home owner

    A few weeks back I took a week off to study for my cwi exam. It ended up being a week of slave labor for my wife. That came with its perks but that’s a thread for a different forum. 😜 I basically re did the front yard. I took out 3 large sagos and like 10 little palm trees. Planted a bunch of...
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    Suburban stereo

    The suburban is a 2015 and I guess it’s getting to the point where now I have to deal with little shit here and there. Last thread was the clear coat on the rims now I’m dealing with what I’m diagnosing as a shorted out touch screen. I can get a new one from the dealer for 1000 and hope it fixes...
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    Wish me luck

    Day 1... the plan is to make this test my bitch. I promise I’m not dumb, I just look this way...
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    .45 ammo

    Soooo everyone is out. Just wasted an hour in line to be told the guy in front of me bought the last 3 boxes. I need 100 rds to qualify my .45 on Saturday. Who can help me out here? I have over 1000 rds of 9mm but I never really target practice with my .45. I have maybe 100 rds and the home...
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    Little kid bmx bikes

    The other thread got me thinking... it’s time to buy the boys new bikes. What are decent little kid bikes. I have 3 boys so I don’t mind spending money if it’s going to get handed down twice. Anyone got something taking up space they want to get rid of? I saw some mini bike deal on fb and they...
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    GMC dealer service

    Really thinking about picking up that Sierra 2500. Wife didn’t say yea but she didn’t say no... that was step 1. It’s right there a little over budget but close enough to beg for forgiveness. Now the next thing I’m looking at is service. Where would I take it? IE or somewhere near Buena Park...
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    Happy Birthday Jake!!

    My little bro turned 29 today. Happy birthday brother!! Hope they didn’t work you too hard today @Jacob Sandoval thanks for always having my back. To many more birthdays
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    Youth saddles

    The boys had their first riding lessons today. I kind of want to get them a saddle. I found a couple I liked online but I’m just kind of looking at colors and don’t really know the difference between styles (association, roping, barrel, etc) can someone school me up? Also helmets. I should...
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    Certified pre owned vs not

    I’m going to post this truck here even though I’m pretty sure that will lead to someone buying it first but oh well. I’m looking at this one and it pretty much hits the marks, now my question is, is buying certified pre owned better than just pre owned. It’s going to cost me a little more. Also...