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  1. Jetboatjosh

    Eddie Marine

    Damn that fuckin' sucks, RIP 🙏
  2. Jetboatjosh

    So let’s say you want to buy a boat before summer

    Bad ass! Congratulations 🍻
  3. Jetboatjosh

    Ebay Cancels Dr Suess Books

    This shit is out of control. This shit has to stop! 🤬🤬
  4. Jetboatjosh

    Rush Limbaugh

    RIP Rush..true patriot and a damn good American 🇺🇲🇺🇲
  5. Jetboatjosh

    Police chase

    All that for nothing haha with the new AG he will probably just get a slap on the wrist 🤬
  6. Jetboatjosh


    Not teal but my girl was painted in the 90's for sure haha
  7. Jetboatjosh

    I want this fella to be my Amazon delivery man.

    Who started cutting onions..that man is badass 🇺🇲
  8. Jetboatjosh

    RIP Buddy 2005-2021

    Sorry for your loss. Dogs are the best.
  9. Jetboatjosh

    Hey LAM ..picked up a new boat..

    Beautiful float congratulations
  10. Jetboatjosh

    Things you haven't done

  11. Jetboatjosh

    Schiada/Howard 19

    That is my buddies boat, she's a runner
  12. Jetboatjosh

    Ok, who had Godzilla in November? Fire in San Dimas.

    I'm right off wheeler in la verne and the helicopters woke me up
  13. Jetboatjosh

    Something Stinks

    More fraud
  14. Jetboatjosh

    New election

  15. Jetboatjosh

    New election

    This looks way sketchy
  16. Jetboatjosh

    banning ballot harvesting

    Some more footage of USPS mail fraud but this time in Nevada
  17. Jetboatjosh

    banning ballot harvesting

    Makes absolutely no sense..