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  1. ChumpChange

    Daft Punk 1993-2021

    Sad day! Daft Punk, the enigmatic, pseudo-anonymous, retro-futuristic French electronic duo, has broken up, the group announced on Monday. The group said goodbye in classic form: wordlessly, through music and iconography, in a YouTube video called “Epilogue.”
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    Trying to make an informative post for those that want the information. An old colleague of mine went into helping businesses with PPP forgiveness a while back and now spends all his time figuring the ins and outs. He sent this out last night and publicly put it on his LinkedIn as well so I...
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    My New Favorite Song!

    This is even better than WAP!
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    RDP Express - Havasu to La Verne (BlueBell)

    So I just finished setting up my new 27.2 cuft deep freezer last weekend. It's pretty empty and will probably stay that way until @wash11 fills it up with some meat in a couple months. I don't get out to Havasu very often anymore but it's the closest place to get BlueBell ice cream. What...
  5. ChumpChange

    Boaters vs Jet Skis - Barstool Investigations

    Hard hitting reporting.
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    Taking Boat to Dump (Now With VIDEO)

    Anybody know of a dump that will take a boat? Looking to buy a trailer but it has a boat on it that's junk. Crossroads still open? Anywhere else to go?
  8. ChumpChange

    Buying a Used Boat Trailer

    So how hard would it be to fit a used trailer to a used boat. Boat they are looking at is an Ebbtide Deckboat and the trailer is a 24 footer. Unfortunately the boat doesn’t currently have a trailer. And what kind of braking system is this?
  9. ChumpChange

    Weber Summit Gas Grill with Cover

    Just in time for Fathers Day. Parents no longer want their grill which they never really used. Probably less than five times. Parts of it have never been used The ULTIMATE Weber Gas Grill. Lightly used, practically new gas grill. Hook this bad boy up right to your house. Over $2,000 new...
  10. ChumpChange

    Various Dirt Bikes - CR50F, XR80, TTR110

    Have a few motorcycles for sale. Just not riding much anymore and don’t see riding much more. All just serviced and ready for the next owner. 2003 Honda CRF50. Big bar kit and higher seat. Asking $950.
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    Water vs. Beer

  12. ChumpChange

    RDP Member Listing?

    On a family walk and ran across this sign. @Dennis-19
  13. ChumpChange

    Car Shopping Test Drive

    Went for a test drive today thinking I’m getting closer to that mid life crisis age. I think I could daily this.
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    Jam. Just wanted to post a video. Action starts a minute in.
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    Bernie Text Me

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    Test Test Test

    Deleting in 1.....2.....
  17. ChumpChange

    Christmas with your liberal relatives!

    lol this came out from Trump: https://snowflakevictory.com/ Fortunately for me I don’t have any liberal commie pukes in my family but some of you might find this useful. :D
  18. ChumpChange

    Waiting to see Santa...

    Good times. These are the people my kids get to stand in front of.
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    Social Experiment