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  1. dryhoze1

    1970 Mandella going up For Sale

    Beautiful boat
  2. dryhoze1

    RDP Express - Costa Mesa to Parker

    Pete, are you going to be running the boat Monday 5th ? i’ll be in town mid morning & would love to see it hope all is well!!
  3. dryhoze1

    RDP Express - Costa Mesa to Parker

    Pete, ‘I’m coming out Monday the 5th if that works. Ik Tom’s shop 👍🏼 I set him up with some awesome new coils & I’m sure your mag just got one.👍🏼👍🏼 let me know if I can help
  4. dryhoze1

    RIP Lou. Who I didn’t know....

    spoke to RCL this afternoon, he’s doing well👍
  5. dryhoze1

    Carburetor Cleaning - What works best

    Hears Ronnie.. haven't tried, but looks promising
  6. dryhoze1

    Hey rotorheads...

    makes sense. Can’t see it on my cell & wanted to get to a desktop screen 👍🏼
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    Hey rotorheads...

    I couldn’t tell on the key position. Interesting as I’d first suspect tail rotor failure. However the helicopter didn’t indicate at all. Nose stayed straight. With failure you’d have movement as the tail rotor counteracts torque of the main rotor. Good landing, but a flare at 40 feet would have...
  8. dryhoze1

    Cool tow n boat combo on the 57 freeway

    Not Spike, but he’d most certainly appreciate the set up 👍🏼
  9. dryhoze1

    '73 Sanger Flat - Another Winter Restoration Thread

    Pete, Congratulations ! The boat looks incredible. ‘All your hard work has paid off & you did an awesome job. looking forward to seeing it wet. all the best..
  10. dryhoze1

    Sunup on the salt

    Said so well ! I’ve lived your experience and can concur. Family history at Indy. So many things there can’t be described & must be experienced in person.
  11. dryhoze1

    Phil Spector = RIP!!

    Rip ? More like burn in hell..
  12. dryhoze1

    Swag Off Road Portaband saw table - Anyone have one?

    I’ve got one. Swag table & Milwaukee combo.. love it. Highly recommended 👍🏼
  13. dryhoze1

    MAHA WOOD 360

    Being a woodworker I’m interested. ‘I’ve got a very nice Basset in factory ski carry bag I’d be willing to trade. ‘I’m in Southern California & stuck at the firehouse until Thursday. ‘please make contact if you’re interested. all the best, Brian
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    Interesting read fills in some facts on voting corruptuon

  15. dryhoze1

    Mother Fu€kers

  16. dryhoze1

    The Map is Coming!!!