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  1. wet hull

    Havasu boating today thru Sat?

    Anybody out playing on thr lake? Wrapping up EFI tuning this morning then headed north possibly. Wind is picking up a bit
  2. wet hull

    Good day in Cabo!!

    7'6" /150lb Marlin. So stoked to catch. Into Tacos in under 1 hr at the Office.
  3. wet hull

    Motorized telescoping navigation light

    Up for sale is my telescoping navigation light. Works perfect. Brand new chrome finish ring I ordered extra. Just needs a new clear lens. Readily available for less then $15. Sun is brutal on them. I switched to a BoatWhip during re rig this offseason. Will post pics tomorrow morning. In San...
  4. wet hull

    Trades Subcontractors in El Centro, CA?

    Hi all. Throwing this out there. Looking for trades subcontractors in El Centro, CA or willing to travel. 2 custom homes. First is 4000 sq ft and 2nd is 4500sq ft. Rounding up bids now. 1st house is permitted and ready for grading and utilities. If interested PM me your email and I will send...
  5. wet hull

    Water in cylinders after intake swap?

    Please provide any guidance if you have experienced this. EFI upgrade on motor. Ran perfect at end of season. In off season swapped the intake to Holley EFI manifold. New Felpro gaskets. Gasket maker on top and bottom of cork at front and rear. Mid way installed the metal cover in gasket to...
  6. wet hull

    Lost a great man today!!

    Today the call we have dreaded came in. My father in law got Covid 4 weeks ago and was admitted to Palomar Hospital within days. Been on a ventilator for 3 weeks and finally he lost his fight. 65 yrs old a no underlying conditions. I am as right as they get, we have all been anti mask and a mask...
  7. wet hull

    Gantry Hoist

    No longer needed as my project is complete. Extrends to 12' height with 1 ton hoist and located in Vista, CA. Lifted my engine effortlessly out of truck. $225 obo.
  8. wet hull

    Powern outage in Havasu?

    Anyone else experiencing this? Power has been out in our neighborhood since about 5pm. Bummed as we have renters in there. Mid town off of Kiowa South by high school.
  9. wet hull

    Misc parts BBC standard deck

    Take a look and let me know if any of these items you can use. Not really sure how to price but if it seems fair we got a deal. Everything in great working order. Switching to EFI and these parts don't work for me now. The Aeromotive A1000 is brand new. The fully polished intake is for a tall...
  10. wet hull

    Machime shop in San Diego? Need referrals

    Need to have a tall deck intake machined down to fit standard height. Not sure if possible but would hate to have to buy a new one as this is fully polished already and was a great buy. The current flange is over 1/2" thick so I think it can afford to me machined and still structural.
  11. wet hull

    French dog recommendations?

    Hey all. Trying to pick up a puppie by Nov 21st for my daughter Bday. Can anyone recommend a breeder that may have a group of puppies? I am on a few wait lists but their litters are not ready for pickup until end of January. I am willing to travel anywhere within about 5 hours of San Diego.
  12. wet hull

    "Notta Desert Storm Weekend Havasu"

    What is everyone doing? We are still coming into town as planned. Guys trip. Headed in Wed- Sunday. Plan on a Pirate's run, head down lake at some point. Would be fun to meet up with a group of hot Tropicana bikini models but in the event that does not happen RDP group will work.🤣
  13. wet hull

    Havasu pool as Owner/ Builder trades

    Going to get our pool permits started soon for our Havasu house. Going to go Owner/ Builder. Done many pools in San Diego. I will do the grading and dig the hole. I will also do the stone/ tile work. I will have video camera up so I can monitor trades remotely. Thanks for any replies. Looking...
  14. wet hull

    Meant to be after 3 years in a box!!

    After 3 years I finally hung my shot glass/ mini liquor bottle rack at the Havasu house. I have been collecting shotglasses from my travels since I was a kid and later started mini bottles. I have had the pictured mini bottle for at least 10 years or more!! Go Trump and can't wait for the parade...
  15. wet hull

    Fantasy Football this year??

    What is everyone's thought on their leagues this year? My league is 15 years and running. Great fun talking shit on my friends back and forth. With that said I am the son of a cop, great friends are cops, brother and friends in fire service. I am about 95% I am out this year and maybe forever. I...
  16. wet hull

    Need a Class A contractor ASAP for septic to City sewer conversion in Vista, CA. Anyone on here or referal appreciated.

    Need a Class A contractor for sepic to City sewer conversion. Vista CA and ready to start asap. If interested or know someone please send my way. Regards Jeremy 760-458-0464
  17. wet hull

    Can you explain this picture?

    Running back up Havasu yesterday about 4800 RPM. Boat was flawless and then lunged forward and all power gone? Thought I broke drive, prop. All checked out and moved on to motor. It idles fine with occasional backfire. Cannot get on plane. Further investigate after idle to docks. 1: only 1 of 2...
  18. wet hull

    Easement question for the all knowing?

    Question about easement. My property is 1.1 acres and at some point prior to our purchase a easement was signed over for city to run sewer mains down center of these roads it also gives access to 4 homes all on my property. My house stayed on septic for some reason. Since it's still technically...
  19. wet hull

    If bored watch "Hot Ones" on you tube

    Been watching this series on you tube. He interviews all kinds of famous people while they both eat progressively hotter buffalo wings. We are talking make you vomit hot. Very funny and also makes me want to try some hotter sauces. His interview of Shaq and Stevo are great.
  20. wet hull

    Shout out to " Flat Tops Marine" in Havasu

    Wanted to give the owner Chris at Flat Tops a big "atta boy". He picked up the boat this morning for its annual service. I had scheduled pre Corona and it totally slipped my mind. Major tune up including drive service and alignment. He saw the bellows were leaking and replaced and lubed...