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  1. Boat 405

    Need gpx for Havasu to Desert bar the hard way

    Anyone? Please I need it for tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Boat 405

    NJBA is looking for 2 - 4 stroke Jetskis for the club.

    We are looking for a couple of used 4 stroke jet skis with reverse. Must be in good working and running order. We need a couple good ones for pulling boats around the lake during a drag boat race. We are a 501 3c non profit operation. We are willing to accept donations and can provide a tax...
  3. Boat 405

    Mohave road?

    Is it closed or no? From Ehrenberg to Parker? Thought someone posted it was under construction but not sure?
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  5. Boat 405

    Anyone have the gpx file for the ride

    From havasu to oatman and back and from havasu to desert bar?
  6. Boat 405

    Anyone here running the aftermarket assassins tunes on their XP 4 turbo

    If so what stage and do you like it?
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  8. Boat 405

    Pool equipment cover

    I've seen a few mesh like covers for a pool equipment area. Anybody know who in town makes them?
  9. Boat 405

    Solar Panels

    Who has had a PV system installed on their RV garage in Havasu? I'm thinking a 5-6kw system for my house simply to zero out my bill each month. Between the electric dryer, electric water heater, two refrigerators, 2 ductless mini splits in the garage, main house ac unit, heater/chiller heat pump...
  10. Boat 405

    1200 HP 500" Reher Morrison Engine

    Originally the engine from the Boat "Head Over Heels" All assembly and service done by Mike Miller Racing Engines 500" Reher Morrison 12 Degree Raptor Heads with 2.450 Intake Valves. Heads worked over by Joey Grose. Lightweight undercut custom valves built to run up to 9500rpm Donovan Aluminum...
  11. Boat 405

    With the stay at home order lifted will the lake return to normal this summer?

    Thoughts. It was so busy last summer...... I'm hoping it won't be this summer.
  12. Boat 405

    2004 Sprinter Van 4x2 2500 140"wb

    Selling my work truck. Bought it new in 2004 from freightliner dealer in Vegas back in 2004. Silver Grey color. 5 cylinder turbo diesel 168,000 miles. 4x2 2500 High Roof Van 140" wheel base. Has aluminum shelving in back that can be easily removed. Great reliable work truck, needs a set of...
  13. Boat 405

    Keepers of the wild

    If you guys haven’t been up there. It’s definitely worth the trip. We took my son up there today. It was awesome! lions, tigers, bears, llamas, bobcats, monkeys, leopards. All are rescue animals. $20 to walk around the park and check them out. It’s about 20 miles east of kingman on Route 66.
  14. Boat 405

    Yamaha EF4500 ISE Generator for sale

    Yamaha EF4500ISDE generator for sale $3000 firm. It has 319 hours. It's ready to go. If needed I can bring to Havasu this weekend otherwise it is located in San Diego.
  15. Boat 405

    Desert Storm Pool build

    Signed up with Brian at Desert Storm back in middle of May. Had a start date of July.
  16. Boat 405

    Newsom winery

    Time to do this
  17. Boat 405

    Lane splitting?

    Since when did it become required to move over to the side of a lane to let a motorcycle lane split? Sitting in parked traffic on the 8 freeway about ten bikes blow past and motion for me to move over. We have literally moved 1/4 mile in 15 mins. Fuck them. Eat a dick and get fucked. It’s...
  18. Boat 405

    AZ RZR renew registration?

    Did something change? Last year my reg for my rzr was $10.05. This year it is $235.00. My off highway sticker with partial on highway is still $25. What did I miss?
  19. Boat 405

    Set of 4 BFG All Terrain Tires 325/65/18

    I have set of tires that I no longer need. The fronts are 12/32" tread depth the rears are about 8/32" The date code is 36 week of 2017. $300 for the set. Located in San Diego.
  20. Boat 405

    HSP kids rzr seat.

    Anyone use one of these? Thinking about getting one for my kid. He is almost 2 years old about 30 lbs and 3’ tall.