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  1. beerrun


    I can't remember when the last shooting was with Trump i know he had them just can't remember its been awhile. Now with Biden there has been like 5 in 4mo fits right in with them pushing gun control
  2. beerrun

    Doge coin

    Ok we bought in at 0.06 it is up to 0.33 tonight and is expected to go to 115.00 by end of summer so let's get on this train. Remember bitcoin started at something like 0.08 per coin and today was bouncing on 63k
  3. beerrun

    Let's see you're lawn art

    we have this
  4. beerrun

    Lithium batteries

    Anyone have lithium batteries in there RV pros cons? Besides being expensive 943.00 extra are they worth the money? I thought lithium batteries exploded when charging?
  5. beerrun

    37 years

    We had our 37th anniversary today spent the day making spaghetti for our friend with cancer then the hour drive to his house got to sit outside with then and just chat came home wife and I took a little nap then I took her out to coastera for dinner no cell phones just us and SD bay with a...
  6. beerrun

    Terminal cancer

    So my buddy has terminal cancer i meet him in 86 i had just got stationed at coast guard station san diego he was a reserve and a mechanic at the coors distributor in San Diego. In 88 I had had enough of CG and was getting out he got me a job loading trucks at coors I loaded trucks and decided...
  7. beerrun

    American airlines

    Mrs beerrun just booked two round trip tickets lax to Miami 156.00 total fly apr 20-24 three days on the beach in Miami for our birthdays 😎😎😎
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    My valentine's day card from Mrs beerrun
  9. beerrun

    Cadillac escalade

    We are looking for an escalade like 2018 or newer anyone have one? Good bad what should we be looking for any problems thanks
  10. beerrun

    Havasau balloon festival

    Anyone know what's going on? I'm getting dates for this weekend and next and only a nit time light up and somewhere else that says a street fair and 4 days of fun
  11. beerrun

    Trump tonight

  12. beerrun

    Bullhead city

    Just curious how many inmates have a place in Bullhead it seems much cheaper than havasau
  13. beerrun

    Is it too early?

    Is it too early to start the impeach 46
  14. beerrun

    International sign of distress

  15. beerrun


    Anyone have an opinion on bitcoin ? It went over 30k today and some think it will go to 500k
  16. beerrun


    The neighbor has a 570 our nephews are in town for there grandpa's funeral and are legally blind he is taking them both for a ride
  17. beerrun

    My father in law

    Last night he had a major heart attack and we just made the decision to take him off the ventilator. He has been a part of my life for 39 years he did 30 years in the navy retired and stayed home for two weeks went to home depot for something and came home with a new job he worked there for...
  18. beerrun

    Old school

    Honda 185s need a little love but I got it cheap
  19. beerrun

    Drive inn

    Pizza and popcorn and they are going to show elf
  20. beerrun


    06 rhino 660 walker shocks beard seats with rear bench black rhino chip new battery AZ street legal 5k OBO Chris 619-733-9180