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  1. pwerwagn

    Best slalom ski handle?

    Anybody have any suggestions for the latest and greatest slalom ski handle? We have been using an old handle for years, and its finally given up. My wife likes the deep V handles similar to the one attached. Any recommendations? --Jeff
  2. pwerwagn

    How hard is it to get into SEMA?

    I just realized I will be in Vegas Nov 4th-8th supporting a Flight Test at Nellis AFB, same time as SEMA. I've been invited to go in the past with friends, but never really looked into what it takes to get in. I know its not a general public type deal. Any pointers, or am I just SOL? --Jeff
  3. pwerwagn

    Sometimes RDP is right...

    This happened in front of me this morning. Guess this guy really did need a freightliner to tow his spread axle enclosed trailer...
  4. pwerwagn

    Used/Cheap Jr. dragster or kids harnesses?

    Does anyone here have any cheap harnesses laying around, kids sized? Something like a Jr dragster harness, or even a smaller 2" setup with an auto style buckle like PRP sells. I need 3, preferably black and matching, dont need to be certified anymore. They will be used for the back seat of my...
  5. pwerwagn

    Nitro gear hookup?

    Is anyone here a dealer for nitro gear? I need 4.10’s for an 11.5 AAM and a 9.25 AAM in an 03 Dodge. Thanks, Jeff
  6. pwerwagn

    My Sons first truck, 75 Power Wagon...

    So my 2 oldest boys (10 and 9) have 77 and 74 dodge power wagons. My youngest just turned 6, and he has been a little more diligent at saving money than his older brothers. There has been a really clean 75 318/4 speed parked for sale at the lake for a few months that he has really wanted. I...
  7. pwerwagn

    Mercury 300R videos

    Sounds badass! I want 2 on my carrera. As much as I LOVE the 2 stroke sound, the fuel economy of these would be nice.
  8. pwerwagn

    Prop hub/washer/nut question

    I just got my spare set of props back from bblades. I bought them damaged from a previous owner of my boat, and I’ve never ran them. These props have a different hub/nut combo than my other humpback cleavers. My other set has a large hub that drops out the back (flow torque 2?)and a big washer...
  9. pwerwagn

    Raced a local desert race yesterday, Cinco de Baja

    Yesterday we got the truck out of hibernation and raced a local 150 mile race. I forgot how much fun/different the small grassroots races are compared to the big races. This was a pretty small deal. 5 trucks, 15 or so UTV’s, few bikes, one Class 1, and a few class 10’s. ~18 miles laps...
  10. pwerwagn

    Used dual cable outboard steering/helm needed

    Anyone got an old 2 cable helm/cables/etc for an outboard laying around they want to part with? I have a boat project that has a busted helm. Id like to get it up and going on the cheap. Hoping someone out there has upgraded to hydraulic or something. Going on a 200hp merc, 14' steering...
  11. pwerwagn

    WTB: Pair of bravo 28's

    Anyone have a pair of matched 28" bravos? Preferably vented, machined diffuser, fat shaft hubs...but any flo torque II 28's L/R B1's I will entertain. -Jeff
  12. pwerwagn

    The Mint?

    Who is going? We will be there. Staying downtown again thurs/fri, then gonna stay at buffallo bills sat night. No race truck this year, just spectating/drinking. Ill have a cooler full of silver cokes in the wagon wandering around if anyone is there and wants a cold one. Look for the...
  13. pwerwagn

    Your guys' opinion on selling my boat

    So my 85 20' fineline centurion tunnel has been sitting there, not getting used for a few years now. The other day I thought about getting it out and taking it to the water, but the helm or one of the the steering cables is froze. The boat needs a cut/buff. The interior needs some cleaning...
  14. pwerwagn

    My sons new first boat...

    My oldest son (8yrs) is a lot different from his brothers. While they're playing with toys, he is designing houses on graph paper, learning about towers and devising ways to make sure they never fall, and reading about every detail of the titanic. He is absolutely obsessed with boats (amongst...
  15. pwerwagn

    Dual perko switch's

    So my Carrera has 2 perkos, and only 2 batt's. Can anyone think of a reason to need 2? I can put one perko on Batt 1, the other off and everything works but one volt meter reads like 1/2 v lower. I typically run one on 1, the other on 2...but for no good reason. If I put one on both, both...
  16. pwerwagn

    2008 escalade any good?

    Loaded question, I know. I'm out in the middle of nowhere for work this week and my wife just texted me that she found an 08 escalade she wants. I don't have time right now to research and figured a few of you would know. Her boss/uncle has it, and went to trade it in on a new one. They...
  17. pwerwagn

    Navigation in a boat?

    Do any of you have dedicated GPS units mounted in your boats? I was realizing the other day, with as much as our local lake level fluctuates, it would be nice to have something like the baja 540 we have in the race trucks, in the boat. The ability to mark a hazard with a note like "4332"...
  18. pwerwagn

    Anybody here have any experience with my Twin 300 promax Carrera 257?

    Years ago when I wanted this boat and couldn't make it happen, it seemed like I stumbled across people constantly on perf boats/hot boat/etc that had some personal experience with it. Now that I have it...I can't seem to get in touch with anyone that seemed to know anything? I've tried sending...