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  1. ChumpChange

    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine halted

    Kind of like what people said about COVID in the first place. Just sayin...
  2. ChumpChange

    Masters Week.

    Not bad for a week’s work.
  3. ChumpChange

    Masters Week.

    He’s embraced it. Just look at his wedge. https://golf.com/gear/wedges/will-zalatoris-custom-titleist-wedge-happy-gilmore-masters/?utm_campaign=forecast&utm_source=golf.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%7Bdate%28&utm_term=GOLFcom%20Top%20Stories%20Newsletter
  4. ChumpChange

    Masters Week.

  5. ChumpChange

    DCB Sinks in Florida

    That wouldn’t happen to a “non-center pod” boat.
  6. ChumpChange

    [SOLD] 1996 Hallett 240 Open Bow

    Always better to sell things when you don’t need to. Enables enough time for the right buyer to come along.
  7. ChumpChange

    DCB Sinks in Florida

    Impressive how that one life vest is keeping it above water.
  8. ChumpChange


    So who's my new workout partner? :D
  9. ChumpChange

    "I am at a loss on why anyone gets worked up about this."

    In his mind, hopefully all of them
  10. ChumpChange

    Child molester vs train

    I clicked for the impact. No dice.
  11. ChumpChange

    George Floyd

    Be careful with what you say. All the Chinese Spam Bots might stop bombarding this forum with comments like that. :D
  12. ChumpChange

    "I am at a loss on why anyone gets worked up about this."

    And yet we can't use this same argument for Teachers protected by the Teacher Union? If you don't want to go back to work, find a job someplace else. Interesting argument.
  13. ChumpChange


    What time would you work out there? I’m there M-F from 6 to 7:15ish in the AM. And thank you for going back to LA Fitness. It was getting too crowded.
  14. ChumpChange

    So...Is Cancel Culture working?

    Good to know. Thank you.
  15. ChumpChange

    So...Is Cancel Culture working?

    UA isn’t owned by Nike. They’re a completely separate publicly traded company. Hurley is owned by Nike though.
  16. ChumpChange

    Manchin = So Very Rare.

    You guys are fawning over Munchin the same way the Dems fawned over Flake and McCain. There’s a lot of similarities in the adjectives you’re using. lol
  17. ChumpChange

    San clemente cars and coffee today. With pics!

    Pretty sure that is David Lee’s. Same exterior spec at least. Old buddy did the protective film on that FGT. Amazing car.
  18. ChumpChange

    Just to vent.

    I think they messed up at the bottom of your pic. :D
  19. ChumpChange

    Vaccine Cards

  20. ChumpChange

    Lower River property for sale

    I think he wants $175,000 for the place. At the same time, you have to sign a five year lease which I think comes out to another $22,000/yr.