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  1. Mandelon

    Canoo. Electric Trucks

  2. Mandelon

    Passing cops on the highway..

    Yesterday I took a day off and went out to Palm Springs to play golf. Miserable weather until we hit town then it was 65 and sunny. Anyway I'm in the carpool lanes going along at 80. This guy in an econo car with Idaho plates comes up behind me, so I pull over and he blows past. A mile...
  3. Mandelon

    Is this shape an island?

    So I saw this sticker on the back of a car. At first I thought is was a diver. But the shape is too goofy. So then i am thinking maybe it is an island? I see some cars with Hawaii stickers. Maybe this is Guam or Vanuatu or something?
  4. Mandelon

    All you last minute Valentine's Day romantics...

    Home Depot has roses for $20 a dozen...
  5. Mandelon

    Done with your shopping?

    I'm so freaking busy I am not finished yet. Ordered some off amazon, but need a few more things. Slow work day so I'll sneak out soon for a few stops around town. My wife buys everything she needs so shopping for her is difficult. I'm like, baby... stop buying stuff in October and just...
  6. Mandelon

    I let a guy go now he is begging for job back

    Good worker, but not great attitude. He had been with us a long time. Poor attendance record. His nickname is "Falta Lunes." That means missing mondays. He's just an hourly laborer but works hard. No vehicle, takes the trolley and another guy picks him up. History of back injuries. I had...
  7. Mandelon

    Blood Father, Netflix

    On Netflix Mel Gibson as a bad seed father trying to make good for his misguided daughter.
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    Stuff you do that your wife hates?

    As most of us are men, we suffer from distraction. You know the drill, you're fixing something and you realize in order to finish this task, you have to fix something else, and so on, so that your original task is left incomplete for now. We'll get that first thing done, but after we do a...
  9. Mandelon

    So who has had the Vid?

    I know H20 Toie, Grads and Tamale Wagon have posted about it. I just got tested this morning and came back positive. Saturday morning had a slight cough. Slight headache. Slight congestion and runny nose. Really minor. Sunday no cough, slight headache, but muscle and joint pain was...
  10. Mandelon

    So, those of you who live where winter is seriously cold.... What do you do all winter?

    I mean, there's snow on the ground. It's cold. It's windy. I assume you can do snow sports a few times. But then what? Do you have shop to work on projects? Remodel the bathroom? Ice fishing sounds like I could do that for an hour. Doing fishtails in the car sounds fun. I see all the...
  11. Mandelon

    A Strong Mandate

    "President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he'll have a strong Democratic House with him," Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol, predicting a Biden victory. Mandate??? If he wins, it will be by the slimmest margin ever. He has a mandate to cooperate with the half of the country...
  12. Mandelon

    Holy Grail RV?

    Light, bright and airy. This convertible RV really lets you feel nature. The wind in your hair....oh yeah!
  13. Mandelon

    Towed this old thing home yesterday...

    I think it is a 1976 Cruisers Yachts Barnegat Cuddy Cabin. It appears to have a 233 Mercury engine. It's obviously rough but I got paid to take it. A friend of mine is going to take it and spend his money on it. LOL, I'll just go for a ride once it's done. The tires are pretty shot, but I...
  14. Mandelon

    So here's pics of the equipment I need to get rid of:

    An old mini dozer. It ran a couple years ago. I'm trying to donate this to a Gas and Steam Engine Museum in San Marcos F 100 This silverado, and the RV. RV has two roof top AC units. This bead roller. A Tree Model 2UVR Knee Mill One of those easy entry tubs for the aged. A pretty...
  15. Mandelon

    Does Anyone Have Experience in How to Get title to Abandoned Vehicles?

    I just picked up an interesting job. It is a large bank owned property in Escondido. Over 5 acres. My job is to clear out all the junk. The house has been foreclosed on, and the time the owner had to retrieve his personal stuff is over. The bank was super lenient for him to remove it, but...
  16. Mandelon

    Real Estate Prices are just insane.

    I bought this little shack 22 years ago for $32,000 from an investor. We had to kick out the homeless bums, haul away actual buckets of shit, and make it a decent little place. I remodeled it and sold it for $80,000 in 1999. I was on Zillow today, and checked on it. Current value is now...
  17. Mandelon

    Booms in the night...

    We heard an odd boom last night about 1:30 am. Woke us up. I checked the house for anything that may have fallen off the wall. Looked out front in case someone crashed into a parked car. It wouldn't be the first time someone hit something of ours. I looked out back too but didn't see...
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    Loose Gravel

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