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  1. Old reliable: Marlin Club and Bartender Brian:

    Old reliable: Marlin Club and Bartender Brian:

    We don't think any trip to Catalina is complete without a visit to Brian at the Marlin Club. I've known Brian for about 23 years now. Never tire of his antics. Brian on your left: Thursday before Memorial Day I walked in to the Marlin Club and the Red Bull rep was trying to convince them to...
  2. TPC

    Dingy Adventure to Skull Rock Cave:

    A couple hooked up a few moorings down had restored a nice classic wooden dingy and motor for their daughter to use this summer while she works at the Harbor Market. Absolutely an amazing, bitchen job they did. Show quality, no question. They had it side tied to their boat. We had a group dingy...
  3. TPC

    Your kids snorkeling with Leopard Sharks, Fun n Easy:

    In Two Harbors Catalina their is the USC Marine Studies Center at the East entrance to the Harbor. Just a few yards to the North West is a terrific beach the kids can snorkel off. If they swim or dingy over to USC,, the Leopard Sharks will make an appearance and swim with them. "They're...
  4. TPC

    Our Parker Time Capsule,,,

    Been some time since we used our Trailer at Emerald Cove. It's 12 years old now and has a rubber roof. At the 12 to 14 year old mark ya have to re-coat the rubber roof or it'll need replacing by the time it hits 16 years old. Better to spend $200 now than junk the trailer or spend $3000 later...
  5. TPC

    Another Tail from the Reef Bar in Catalina from TPC

    I walked into the back bar at the Reef Saloon in Two Harbors Monday night. A cowboy and his wife were sitting at the bar. Strange sight amongst boaters out here in the Pacific, but their was a reason. Not a Hollywood Cowboy, he had all the markings of the real deal. The round classes, the floppy...