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  1. 98special

    DCB Sinks in Florida

    WOW! Glad to hear everyone is OK!
  2. 98special

    Boat over at lake pleasant

    Just read this. My wife and I spend most of our alone time at the lake., it's our escape. God Speed to all involved!! Though we don't know them, Our families thoughts and prayers are with you. 🙏
  3. 98special

    Terminal cancer

    Your'e a TRUE friend. Life is sooo short. God Speed and my Prayers to ALL!!!
  4. 98special

    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    WOW!!! That looks Awesome. My heart rate went up just seeing the flip picks.
  5. 98special

    Boaters licenses possibly coming to AZ

    Took a Boater Education coarse a couple years ago to help reduce my insurance cost. But that didn't work either. Yeh, learned something new , but I forgot what that was, Lol.
  6. 98special

    Thong Thursday

    A AMEN!!!!!
  7. 98special

    I'll be in Havi on 18th My cell 970-759-0514. Should be there around 6pm.

    I'll be in Havi on 18th My cell 970-759-0514. Should be there around 6pm.
  8. 98special

    Interesting Boating Story- Fountain vs Seadoo Wake Accident

    There's has got to be more to this story. I can't believe a wake caused his injuries without him jumping the wake intentionally .
  9. 98special

    Drill Press

    In Havasu? I'll take it.
  10. 98special

    2018 Howard 288/Merc 600 for sale

    That is one Beautiful boat!!!
  11. 98special

    Devastating news

    Were all pulling for you guy's. Prayers and God Speed! 🙏 🙏
  12. 98special

    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    My arms are getting sore just thinking about it. I sanded (1500-2000) and buffed the bottom side a couple years ago and was sore for a week. Great job and thanks for posting the entire thing. 👍
  13. 98special

    Missing Person - San Diego Coastal

    I pray for her safe return. god Speed.
  14. 98special

    Supercross 2021

    Tomac all the way!!!
  15. 98special

    Can I give some advice....

    That's not what Biden has said in the past. Bedo in charge of GUN CONTROL. I beg to differ.
  16. 98special

    International sign of distress

    I feel the SAME WAY. My question, how do we move forward, keep the America First momentum going. Seems like going out to VOTE didn't work.
  17. 98special

    Launch Ramp Champ!

    Welcome to RDP
  18. 98special

    This is great

    She almost fixed STUPID! They say "No Brains, No Headaches" She just proved it! 👋
  19. 98special

    All EYES ON Ga...Will they Cheat?

    :mad: Why wouldn't the Democrats CHEAT?????? Worked the 1st time!!!!
  20. 98special

    Maiden Voyage

    So Cool, congrats!