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  1. v6toy4x

    sunken jetboat

    I watch this guy from time to time
  2. v6toy4x

    should I be politically correct or not??

    We are a medium sized company in the SF Bay area and have been here for 45 years. One of the crew foreman had his tools stolen from the truck and put this on his tailgate right by the company logo. I think it is hilarious, and accurate given our state of affairs and will be putting one on my...
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    no boating content what so ever, maybe a quick laugh!

    Reminds me of my youngest boy getting caught in front of the house when he was just a pup!
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    EV vs. Hydrogen fuel cell

    So I have been thinking about this, where do people think, or know, the hydrogen fuel cell will fall in this? I am curious since my company just signed a long term lease on a piece of land we have in the bay area, with a hydrogen processing enterprise backed by Toyota and Hyundai along with...
  5. v6toy4x

    one last kick of the dead horse (gel scheme)

    I am so close I can taste it! In my other gel coat thread you guys helped me hammer down a gel scheme, along with some plagiarism on my part, that ended with two options After my family, my local boating homies and the votes from the previous thread it appears option 2 has won rather decidedly...
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    Can'tfind thread

    Looking for some help finding a fairly recent thread about someone looking for replacement Merc Racing 525 top engine decal. I have tried every search topic I can think of to no avail. I know there is a whole bunch of people smarter than me.
  7. v6toy4x

    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    I have drawn this thing so many times I ran out of my fancy colored pencils so my kid showed me how to muttle through "paint", which ended up being quite entertaining. I took the comments from my first attempt; -swooshes are out and straight lines are in -Rub rail location considered -REV 7 was...
  8. v6toy4x

    Space X conspiracy theorists

    I am usually late to the party, did I miss all the conspiracy theories on Space X and there "web" of new satelites? Surely this is rooted in some sort of big brother plot...
  9. v6toy4x

    First try at a gel scheme

    Got a new set of colored pencils, thought i would give it a shot. Trying to move a little bit away from the current blues reds whites Dark top is supposed to be a med dk grey, main body a light grey, purple and orange are meat to be a pearl. Too much?? Too bright?
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    ICB ???

    Not trying to rehash the past! I thought their 256 koolkat was nice, are they still around after Mr Leach left?
  11. v6toy4x

    Where are all the boats?

    I was just looking at river homes around Parker. As I was looking at all the pics of various houses I started to notice there doesn't seem to be many boats tied up either alongside or at the docks of a bunch of these? Just curious.
  12. v6toy4x

    Mercury Racing engine color options

    I can't seem to find the engine color chart for the optional engine paint. In fact I can't find any current reference to this being an option any more on the 520 or 540. I found some reference to the 565 and 600s Who is in the know, can I order a 540 in optional colors?
  13. v6toy4x

    stolen facebook post lower river guys

  14. v6toy4x

    billet accessories on merc 540

    Trying to finalize power for a howard 255. I am think 540, the 520 is by far the best value but there is something about a set of SS pipes that just screams "sexy". The up-charge to move to the 540 and get the pipes is less than what I would pay to add them later, so 540 it is. The 540 is still...
  15. v6toy4x

    Norcal outboard boat repair

    I work with a guy who doesn't have a whole lot of money, married 2 kids and just got a hand me down 18' little cruiser with an old merc 150 2 stroke. He needs a general all around boat mechanic. Any suggestions in or around stockton, manteca CA Thx
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    So I know very little about either of these, UNTIL, I get up to go to work this morning, 5am, and I see one of my boys door is open and the light on. I go in there and he is asleep in from of his monitor. I wake him up ready to preach to him about going to bed at a reasonable hour, he is 21...
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    Useless box

    I stole this from the garage door light thread, I need one of these, however the ones on amazon sound like they just keep turning the switch off and not necessarily run through the full gaunlet of "try again" Does anyone know which ones have the full deal! I really need one of these, there is...
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    Bow chock

    who knows where I can get one of these 4" "lipped" bow chocks in stainless or aluminum instead of bronze?
  19. v6toy4x

    Old school hydro?

    Saw this passing through oregon a few weeks ago, not sure what it is if anything
  20. v6toy4x

    ULTRA 23 SHADOW DECK OWNERS-rough water

    I am looking to get a new smaller deck boat, at the end of this season I dont want to get into any manuf bashing I have read enough. The 23 shadow checks the most boxes. How is it in moderate rough water? we can get afternoon wind conditions that have 24" chop. Coming from a "V" how does this...