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  1. Brian

    Roof replacement in Parker

    Looking for a referral for replacing a roof (shingles) on a mobile home on the Parker strip, CA side. Who's the guy?
  2. Brian

    Outdoor Carpet

    I need to buy some outdoor carpet in the Parker / Havasu area. Since Riverside Flooring is no longer, where is the place to go now? Home Depot and Lowes were no help.
  3. Brian

    Bacon/Potato Bombs

    Bacon wrapped potato bombs. I took some red potatoes and coated skin with olive oil, then sprinkled salt, pepper and some rosemary on them. Then I sliced a white onion in half and took some slices from the onion and fit them around the potato. Finally I wrapped them each in 2pcs of bacon. Cooked...
  4. Brian

    Craig's List App

    I had a really easy to use app to search CL on my smart phone but it?s no longer supported. I actually thought it was an app that Craig?s List made, but it was a 3rd party app. It doesn?t appear that CL actually has an app for their site but there are all these other apps that allow you to...
  5. Brian


    What's the over/under on how many threads will be started about the Fire?:D
  6. Brian

    Glass cleaner...What say you?

    I've always used Windex to clean car glass and home windows. Recently I've had bad streaking problems so I'm ready to try something new. What do you use and how do you like it?
  7. Brian

    Crock Pot Cuck Roast

    Stole this from Facebook and gave it a whirl over the weekend. It came out awesome. It was done at about the 6.5hr mark and I think it would of started to dry out if we would of left it in for the full 8. If you like heat, I'd suggest to add more peppers 5 was very mild in my opinion. Next time...
  8. Brian

    Roofer needed in the OC

    My covered patio roof is leaking where it mates up to my house. Looking for a RDP recommendation.
  9. Brian

    AJR Racing done for the year

    Due to a lack of sponsorship, we have temporarily withdrawn from NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series competition. In our last three races, we had a runner-up, two semifinal appearances, and the 3.662-second run we made in Brainerd was the quickest in NHRA history. After the U.S. Nationals, we...
  10. Brian

    Interstate 5 vs. Hwy 99

    Went form So-Cal up to the Stockton area over the weekend via the 5 and the road was in terrible shape. Potholes and bumps most of the way, especially in the right lane (glad I wasn't towing). Half way into the trip started to wonder if the 99 is in better shape. I know its takes a bit longer to...
  11. Brian

    Thanks to Barry Obnoxious001 !!

    The wife and I took the the flat out late Saturday evening for a little cruize and came across another flattie floating down by Barry's. I asked the guy if he was ok and he gave me the thumbs down so I stopped. He said he thought his ignition broke so I asked him where he needed to go. River...
  12. Brian

    AC Service in Parker

    My regular guy is booked up for a month and I would like to have my AC looked at this coming weekend. I usually have em come in the spring but time got away from me this year. My unit is older, early 90's, and has a small leak somewhere. It usually needs 1-2lb of juice every other year to keep...
  13. Brian

    Somebody tried to bulldoze Circle K in Parker

  14. Brian

    Old Merc OB Service

    Got a co-worker that is needing to get his early 70's Mercury outboard serviced, carbs gone through, lower unit inspected, etc. Boat is in Costa Mesa area. Any recommendations?
  15. Brian

    So someone got creative

    on the instagram link on the front page :D http://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/content.php
  16. Brian

    Question for small business owners

    Looking for a accounting/invoicing software program. It needs to be able to do simple invoicing and obviously keep track of expenses, profits, and all the tax BS. What do you guys use? Quick Books?
  17. Brian

    AZ Registration Lookup

    Does anyone know if there is a site I could type a AZ watercraft number into and get a little history on the vessel?
  18. Brian

    Window & Door Guru in OC

    Looking to replace a large sliding patio door and replacing a window by my front door. Anyone have a hookup??
  19. Brian

    Parker Bloody Mary's

    So since the topic of bloody's came up in Havasu, what about the best bloody on the Parker strip?
  20. Brian

    Need a driveway guru

    Looking to expand my driveway a little. Anybody know someone in the OC area?