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  1. charred1

    Covid vaccine personal info

    Terminal cancer means certain death...of course one might try the latest drugs. Covid with 99% survival rate? I can see why people wouldn’t.
  2. charred1

    Havasu dinner tonight???

    We are fans of Babaloos as well! The El Malecon is pretty damn good!
  3. charred1

    If you choose not to Vaccinate....

    Should you be allowed hospitalization when you smoke and get cancer?
  4. charred1

    Sequoia national park

    You said Redwood National Park, but sounds like you are actually going to Sequoia National Park? Might as well hit Kings Canyon National Park while you’re there.
  5. charred1

    San Felipe Rooms or House?

    Did you happen to check El Dorado Ranch?
  6. charred1

    Great Weekend at Ocotillo Wells

  7. charred1

    Sons first race

    Killer! We watched a few rounds today.
  8. charred1

    Ford Super Duty with Tremor Package

    Wish they offered the Tremor in a longbed.
  9. charred1

    TRUMP Speech this Sunday at CPAC

    Maybe he had him confused with Bobby V?
  10. charred1

    Another 35' Storage Coming Available in Havasu.

    If dspracing doesn’t end up taking it, I know show one who is. PM me if it falls through Mike
  11. charred1

    LEO/DNR equipment question

    Well, in the 1st and 3rd pic it looks like a bandalero (shoulder sling) style portable radio holster with collar mic attached. Not sure what he is holding though.
  12. charred1

    Glamis presidents weekend

    Our group will be out there Feb. 11-15. Not a huge fan of holiday weekends, but when we have a chance to get together with family and friends, I am down for wherever whenever. It’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with.
  13. charred1

    Another pool thread (as if we needed another)

    Stonescapes Arctic White mini pebble
  14. charred1

    Devastating news

    It hurts my heart to read that a young life is affected like this. Thoughts and prayers to your entire family!
  15. charred1

    18+ lounge?

    OF is Onlyfans
  16. charred1

    Vaccine Questions

    At this time they are not testing prior to vaccination. This has raised a similar question as yours...what about folks that may have previously had the virus unknowingly or those that are currently asymptomatic with the virus? As a matter a fact, we had a guy at my station this morning, that got...
  17. charred1

    Vaccine Questions

    I am almost positive someone will chime in and argue I am wrong, but here in San Diego my department is administering the vaccine,..not only to our own members but also to many of the other local agencies as well. One of the initial contraindications of getting the vaccine is that no one that...
  18. charred1

    2021 better???

    Trying to navigate through all this Covid and political bs has been challenging. However, there have been some positives for my family that we hope to carry into 2021 and the years to come. 1. I see and love on my kids more than ever. Didn’t realize how fast time flew by and how quickly they...
  19. charred1

    Biden’s New Year’s fail

    To quote a buddy of mine after our debate over the presidential candidates a few months back. Mind you, he hates Trump and for the last 4 years he blasted all his Trump supporter friends a borage of Trump memes. “You guys should be stoked....it’s way more fun to throw stones and talk shit than...
  20. charred1

    Don't worry Gavin is on it.

    We just got one in the mail too. Looks like the “Recall Gavin Newsome” campaign got a huge donation to help with the recall efforts.