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  1. spectra bash

    1984 f350 question.

    So i am looking at a 84 f350 crewcab longbed 4x4 with original 460. Truck body and interior are real clean. I can have it for $5000. Was wondering thoughts on swaping out 460 for new 7.3 gas motor and a new tranny. I have been wanting to build something like this mainly for camping and towing...
  2. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

    My exhaust hose clamps from exhaust to tips inside were leaking over thanksgiving. Newer motor set up. They are the usual worm gear clamps. I tried tightening them up but they pretty much ate themselves. ( just spinning) Looking to replace with new ones. Looking online at T Bolt clamps, High...
  3. spectra bash

    Boat trailer rebuild.

    In long beach area . Have a 21 cruiser. looking to go through trailer paint, wider fenders, bunks etc. Had a guy in elsinore to do it but keeps pushing back since october. Need someone that can take boat off trailer. I know about Adreneline but think they will be out of my price range. It is a...
  4. spectra bash

    2004 chevy diesel smog problems.

    Ihave a 2004 chevy diesel. will not pass smog due to pcm when plugged in says egr N/A. When i bought the truck 5 years ago it had a tuner installed. I had problems smogging it. I plugged in and set back to factory settings then it passed . fast forward to now i never put tuner back and smog wont...
  5. spectra bash

    Smog 2004 Chevy 2500

    We’ll need to get my 2004 duramax smogged. Two years ago smog station unable to read computer. Bought the truck with tuner. I brought it home and plugged in and set back to factory settings. Then it read and passed. Left it on stock setting. Now two years later take it to smog same issue. Plug...
  6. spectra bash

    Shore spike.

    ANy deals on shore spikes out there? RDP discounts or anyone have a extra they want to sell?
  7. spectra bash

    Pool cleaner near bellflower?

    Anyone know a good pool cleaner near bellflower area. Pool just finished but company not really providing a startup. Would like to get water balanced and on the right track. Thanks.
  8. spectra bash

    Lots vs gated communities

    Wife and I are starting to look around at lots of all kinds. Investment/ retirement. I have friends with lots in willow near jack smith where you get land but back in the bush kind of thing. And lots are cheap. I like more than the wife. Lots in Cimmaron lake in Mohave Valley by my parents all...
  9. spectra bash

    Needles area boat camping

    Is there anywhere to camp on the river near the needles area besides needles marina? I thought there was a route 66 campground or maybe river dave had a buddy with a campground up that way.
  10. spectra bash

    Pool build rant 2

    Looking for advice on how to move forward with my current pool guy. From the start this guy didnt want to do anything the way we wanted. Always pushing for tile or concrete styles that we are not into. He is very argumenative about everything. At one point i stopped talking with him and my wife...
  11. spectra bash

    Good concrete guy in Lakewood Long Beach area?

    I am looking for someone to do some flat work and steps outside new pool. My pool guy still being a dipshit says that work is an extra and a burden. Of course it’s an extra but I plan to pay him. Worst experience having shitty pool contractor. Anyways I live in bellflower near Lakewood. Thanks
  12. spectra bash

    Fence company near long Beach

    Looking for someone near long Beach Lakewood area who does fencing. Need fence built between house and garage for pool. Looking for simple style metal frame with wood inserts and a gate. Thanks for any info.
  13. spectra bash

    Pool build rant

    Researched in january on pool build and came down to two builders that met my budget. One was used by a friend and pool looked good. flipped a coin as to which one to go with. And also went with the one who used pentair equipment. Signed contract january 6th. per contract pool was to be done...
  14. spectra bash

    pool coping question.

    Does anyone ave solid cantilever concrete around pool without having seperate coping? pros and cons on either design?
  15. spectra bash

    Lock down fun.

    Couple pictures of my boys making the best of it. My 5 year old won the monopoly game last night. Boys having some fun on the electric dirt bikes in the backyard. My 8 year old rocking his river Dave’s shirt during competition. That is all . Stay safe my friends.
  16. spectra bash

    2004-05 Chevy 2500 tow mirrors

    Anybody have any aftermarket brand good or bad on the tow mirrors for the 2500? Driver side was taken off by El Segundo city bus when I was at lunch. Chevy wants $1600 for a new pair. No way. Any help on after market brands would be helpful. Thanks
  17. spectra bash

    RV rental.

    Looking to rent rv, trailer , motor home Saturday to Saturday week of thanksgiving to put at echo lodge. Any recommendations from the Parker area?
  18. spectra bash

    Thanks Tamalewagon

    Just wanted to put it out there that scott did amazing job helping us with our refi. Really my wife dealt with him but all seemed very hastle free. Had a couple of quick reply backs here on the board. Thanks to you guys. Wouldnt hesitate to use the guys here . Highly recommended. Thanks again...
  19. spectra bash

    Pentair vs Hayward pool systems?

    Any goods and bads? Advise? Thanks.
  20. spectra bash

    Window and stucco contractor

    Also looking for window and stucco contractor that service the bellflower area. Thanks zach