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  1. 4Waters

    The BLM shit show starts again! fuckin yea!!

    Less than a mile from my house.
  2. 4Waters

    Watch the CDC and Fauci squirm

    Wake up sheep, the wolf is near.
  3. 4Waters

    Lost a couple of friends/classmates

    Last Thursday and Friday in separate incidents. I went to middle and high school with these guys. Exceptional multi sport athletes and really cool and down to earth. Royal class of '95 has buried 18-20 already that I know of. RIP Bennie😥 RIP Steve 😥
  4. 4Waters

    Shit going down in Huntington Beach

    Some sort of BLM/Biden protesters showed up and the locals are pushing them out.
  5. 4Waters

    What happened to this?

    We all closed together because this is how dick-tater Newsom set it up and said the regions re-open together as well. WTF!! Making it up as they go🤬, moving the goalposts.🖕
  6. 4Waters

    Shooting in office building in Orange county

  7. 4Waters

    Made me laugh

    This is hilarious BTW, it appears DJT left a comment in the comments
  8. 4Waters

    Hailing like a MFer

    In Simi, has been for about 10min
  9. 4Waters

    A new Republican voter!

    Could you imagine the media coverage if it were the other way around 🤬
  10. 4Waters

    With Easter coming does this ad make Cadbury Eggs more appetizing?

    Sure makes me not want to buy them. WTF
  11. 4Waters

    Anyone know where I can get one of these?

    She's a little bitch I would step in dogshit every day 🤣
  12. 4Waters

    Texas finally starting to warm up

  13. 4Waters

    Congress callout

    They all need to do it
  14. 4Waters

    A little throw back Thursday for me

    25 years ago I was being stupid and ended up in a wreck, just after I hit 3rd a lady turned left in front of me. I got out under my own power with my face all busted up and a broken ankle, 40 something stitches in my face and stainless hardware in my right ankle. By all means I shouldn't have...
  15. 4Waters

    Woman runs out of hairspray and......

    Uses Gorilla Glue instead and is looking at suing the company. SMH https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/02/08/womans-gorilla-glue-hair-horror-gets-stickier/amp/ I wish there was a "Pull your head out of your ass" emoji because this story is the perfect use for it.
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  17. 4Waters

    Damn-it my 10mm

    It might as well be lost. 30yr old Craftsman.
  18. 4Waters


    Something else that was brought up in my daughter's history class was the racist dixiecrats, dumbass Gmac proceeded to tell me that they split from the racist and beaten democratic party and eventually merged into the Republican party but Gmac was wrong, the racist dixiecrat party was...
  19. 4Waters

    Well my daughter's history teacher.....

    Is teaching it like it's supposed to be taught. BTW the 1857 Dred Scott case was ruled against Mr. Scott by Chief Justice Robert B. Taney (Democrat)
  20. 4Waters

    Insider trading?