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    WTB VW bug motor

    Kind of a long shot, but I've been looking for a nice motor for my 66 bug. Something with 100-150hp naturally aspirated. I figure one of you might have something sitting in the garage. Currenrly has a mild 1776 with dual Dellartos, but I need more power!
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    Kirkey race seat

    Seat was mounted but never used. $300
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    New Autometer Gauges

    5" tach with recall, all other gauges are 2 5/8" Oil pressure Oil temp Water temp $300 for all of them. Pretty sure the tach alone is more than that
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    Custom exhaust work near Ventura County?

    I recently upgraded to long tube headers and unfortunately the BBK x-pipe won't work with my suspension. Can anyone recommend a shop in Ventura County that can do some custom exhaust work.
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    Need a good Dodge diesel mechanic

    My buddy is having issues with his 2014 Dodge diesel. He took it to Moreno Valley Dodge and they quoted him 8k worth of repairs, which included a new turbo. Can anyone recommend a reputable mechanic in the socal area to get a 2nd opinion. He lives in Yucaipa, but us willing to drive for a...
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    Snow near Ventura county

    My wife and I would like to take our kids to see the snow. What's the closest place to Ventura county? I was thinking maybe Mt Wilson or head up the 33 in ojai
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    SBF 306 shortblock

    I recently purchased a storage container worth of car parts, most of which are for Mustang 5.0. One of the things I have is this disassembled 306 short block. This was going to an American Iron racecar and all machining and balance has been completed. Stock block out of 94 Mustang bored 30...
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    New Autometer gauges

    5" tach part #4494 $200 Water temp #4431 $60 Oil pressure #4421 $60
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    Kirkey racing seat

    I recently purchased a bunch of parts (most are still new in the box) from a guy that was building an American Iron racecar out of a 94 Mustang. One of the things I got was this Kirkey race seat, with cover. The seat had been mounted but never used, and the seat cover was still wrapped in...
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    New Holley 750dp

    New in the box, never mounted. Currently listed for $760 on Jegs and Summit. I'll take 450. Holley part 0-80528-1
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    Small Eddie Marine hatch actuator

    This came with a bunch of boat parts I bought a few years ago and I have no use for it. 19" fully collapsed, not sure what the length is extended, but guessing it's around 35". Probably most suitable for a low profile boat. Not sure what it's worth. Does anyone have a use for it.
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    91 Yamaha square nose rebuild

    Picked this up a few months ago to enjoy with a few of my friends and family that already have stand ups. I've only ridden it once but the stock motor feels good, much better than my cousins 650 kawi. My plan is to rebuild the hull this winter, and possibly upgrade the motor next winter. It...
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    Boating content: prop recommendations

    We recently rigged a 26 Howard cat with a 540 N/A making 725hp at 5700. Currently we have 28 with 1.5 outdrive and this past weekend I did a short pass. The rpm went up to 5700 and then climbed to 6k and 91mph before I shut it down. I'm thinking we can pull a bigger prop. Do you...
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    [WTB] Kawasaki 550

    looking for something to work on and restore over the winter. Doesn't need to be perfect, but i would like it to run. I live in Ventura County and have a place in Mohave Valley, so anything near socal or Havasu would be great.
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    Proper oil level

    Let's talk proper oil level, what it is and how to figure it out. A while back I watched an engine masters and it showed the impact oil level makes on HP, which brings me to this weekend. We ran our 26 Howard for the 1st time since upgrading the steering to full hydraulic. We also changed...
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    Need new valve covers

    We have a set of fabricated valve covers that look great, but leak. I think they got warped when they were powder coated. So now I need a different set. I'd prefer cast aluminum with breathers on each one, that will clear our lightning headers. What do you recommend?
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    Car overheating

    I have an 88 Mustang with a 331 stroker motor making about 425hp. It's running a Mishimoto aluminum radiator with an electric fan and a belt driven water pump. Up until last week it's always stayed at 180, unless I drove it hard, at which point it would get up to about 210. This last week I...
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    454 mag not running right

    My buddy is currently in Big Bear with his 2000 Shockwave which has a 454 mag. He just called looking for help because it's running terrible. He replaced the fuel filter and said he can hear the fuel pump turn when he turns the ignition on. He said it fires up but then stalls right away. He...
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    Restoring an old bmx bike

    I just pulled my old Robinson bmx bike out of my parent's backyard and I want to rebuild it. What's a good place to buy parents. Looking for bars, 3 piece cranks, seat, seat post, etc...
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    Boat wont turn right

    Some of you may have followed the build of our 2003 Howard Cat. So far we've put about 3hr of drive time on it and this morning we developed a new issue. The boat will not turn right. It turns to the left fine, but it comes back to center and won't go any further. It has dual hydraulic ram...