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  1. Fenderbender

    AirBnb Cancels my rental again! Havasu long rental

    So last summer we rented a couple properties for a month or longer twice last summer and it worked out pretty well! This year we have been cancelled on twice. The first property cancelled supposedly because the owner was selling the property and that wasn't too bad because that was in December...
  2. Fenderbender

    [WTB] WTB Howard / Anthem,AZ

    This ad doesn’t have any contact info. Do any of you know this boat or owner and can get me the info? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/boa/d/phoenix-howard-custom-boat/7271777713.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Fenderbender

    From Havasu to Powell in June

    We are planning a trip to Powell (Wahweap Marina) with some friends in June. All of them are motorhome campers and drive and tow from home with their boats and stuff. We sold our trailer some years back but we want to camp and stay at the campground with all of them. SO Im looking at renting...
  4. Fenderbender

    How long until algorithms control our tv commercials?

    I was just sitting back watching some supercross and I was thinking about how I wouldn’t buy anything they are selling on the commercials. On the other hand when I stream it on my laptop or something the ads that come up on the top or on the side bar are a direct response to my search history...
  5. Fenderbender

    It’s coming soon... get yore ass in shape

    Was just thinking that I hadn’t seen a weight loss thread, I saw a TRT thread and a burrito thread. I thought since lately I have been hitting it hard to get the fitness back we could all post up some daily workouts or activities that might inspire the rest to stop making excuses and pick up the...
  6. Fenderbender

    SXS Rental Havasu

    Looking for feedback and recommendations for private or rental business's for renting a 4 seater SXS. We rented a couple last winter and was great but lost the guys number. Let me know what you got!
  7. Fenderbender

    NEW eMTB's and my experience

    So I just thought I would share my experience on how I got to be an eMTB enthusiast. So I rode Moto and desert for years when I was younger, we camped and did day trips to the track. Pretty much all winter and some summer mornings. When I had my first child we slowed down the camping and...
  8. Fenderbender

    Which 12v pump for large towable?

    Yo RDP I got a new towable (pic below) and the little 12v pump I had been using previously doesn't quite cut it. It just need a few more psi than my old one does. Does anyone have any pumps that they can recommend or ones that suck and I can make sure not to go this route.
  9. Fenderbender

    Bumper options! 18' Baker

    Looking for some solutions for my brother with his 86 Baker 18' OB Tunnel. His boat only has one cleat on each side in the rear and the bow eye to tie up at the dock. Not to mention the boat sits so low in the water regular bouys are kind of awkward. What do you guys with similar boats do with...
  10. Fenderbender

    Snap In Carpet Kit ** PSA **

    So after calling around to about 10 places for get a carpet kit made for my Wallet 240 OBWT it appears that everyone outsources them to In Stitches Customs in LHC. What a pain in the ass. I should have just waited and gone to them in the summer. I was in a rush to get all service and details...