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    Sea Dek

    Does anyone have experience with SeaDek on their boats. I’ve Ben going back and forth whether I want to do an installation. It looks great and is supposed to be comfortable with bare feet. My boat interior deck is immaculate and has non skid on it. There is also a wash down system and drains...
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    Something to chew on.....

    I've been away from this board for ages and when last was on it used to be a much simpler life. I have to give Dave ALOT of credit for monitoring this board and hosting this website. If it weren't for a chance, crossing paths in Mexico with Dave, I probably would not have come back. In any case...
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    WTB VW Bug 67 or 69 preferred

    Looking to buy a older VW Bug. Would like a semi project (runnning) or one that is done right and not priced out of the universe. Recently sold my mini that I restored and now am regretting it. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse.
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    [WTS] 2017 Audi S3 Sedan 2.0T quattro S tronic - SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2017 Audi S3 - Like new - Mileage 7713 We have used this car very little over the past year. It was bought to be driven by my wife while we were waiting for another car to be built/delivered. The pictures show its condition and beauty. - Brilliant Black - Black Interior...
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    1999 Formula 252SS Sold Sold

    1999 Formula 252SS 318hrs on Mercruiser 502 Boat is in excellent condition Maintained by Walker Marine - South Lake Tahoe 1999 SBT trailer - Trailer has been professionally painted within last 3 years. (photo is before paint) Cabin with porta potty (never used) Upgraded sound System Bow docking...
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    New Toyota Tacoma Pricing

    I am thinking about purchasing a new Tacoma. Can anyone tell me what I can expect percentage wise to pay less sticker cost? Sticker is about 35K with options. Thanks.
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    Question's Regarding Boat Trailer Registration

    I bought a trailer a while back and never used it and never registered it. It has recently been restored and there are no vin#s on it. I am not using it and I have a buyer who wants it. How do I get a title and are there ways to avoid DMV penalties? Or are there going to be penalties? It...
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    DJ Music Programs

    I am looking for a simple program that I can mix some music for a party. I would like to be able to stop one tune at a certain point and fade into another. Is there a easly program that can do this? It can be either Apple or PC.
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    Sold the truck - Looking for Auto transport

    I sold my Blazer and the buyer is looking for someone to transport Blazer from San Francisco Bay Area to Dallas, TX. Enclosed preferrable. Overall Length is 178" Weight 3900 lbs Oversize tires are 305/70R16 No push bumper Height is 77" Width is 82" Going from 94803 - Arriving 75205...
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    Another car sales question

    I have a buyer for my Blazer. He wants to put the money in an escrow account, until he receives the Blazer in Texas. My only concern is going through with sale, taking the time to get it shipped, and then him having buyers remorse when it get's there. How do car escrow accounts work? Or...
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    What were the early good years for VW bugs?

    I recently saw a really nice '63 rag top that was in pristine condition and was thinking about getting it for an around the town car. What were the good and bad years for these cars?
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    Here's a recipe for your next Thanksgiving

    YouTube - TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving - Epic Meal Time!
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    Who know how to remove Security Essentials 2011 virus?

    My computer got infected with the security essentials 2011 virus. Has any one had experience with removing this? Thanks.
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    I do things just a little different than 2 Forcefull. I buy them, rip them apart, throw tons of money and time into them, finish them, look at it for a few weeks, get bored and then sell for an incredible loss. These are the major items that have kept me occupied for approximately the...
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    1971 Chevrolet Blazer 4x4

    I finished (almost) my 1971 Blazer just about a year ago. At that time I purchased a '59 Chevy stepside which I am currently working on and would like to have the garage space for it. I will update the specs as I get around to it but here is a first attempt. 1971 K5 Blazer - Total...
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    Lifeline Sit Down/Stand Up Jacket #110

    I have a Lifeline Sit Down/Stand Up Jacket #110 It's a size 40 which is the small. Has barely been used. Asking $300.
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    Car registration question

    I am looking at a car to buy. The present owner bought it a month ago and then lost his job. He has not finalized the registration of it, so the tax hasn't been paid. If I buy the car, Is the tax owed on the previous sale and my sale?
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    Pass the mustard please

    New item on the menu at ROC's? :drool
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    Crash Proof Motorcycle

    Ooops! http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=21816
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    I don't know what I'd do if a contractor showed up with this on one of my sites. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/cto/1920758435.html