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    24’ Schiada for sale

    SOLD! This is an amazing boat and served my family well for the last 8 years. Lots of memories. Now it’s going to make memories for another family. I’m going to miss this one.........🤙🏼
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    Commercial registration

    And let’s not forget about the $32.00 public safety fee that was added last year or the year before. So the state could make some additional money.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    It’s still available and ready for a new family. There‘s been a few prospects with offers (that I excepted) but they couldn’t come up with the money to buy it.
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    Did the ceramic coating thing again, mind blown.

    Just had my 2020 Ford Ranger ceramic coated by Bob Moses, Phx location. It looks amazing!
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    I'm in an argument with the wife....post your age.

    I’m almost 58 and I’d take the hot rod ride 🤙🏼 However, my wife would step-in and I’d end up with the cruiser for the whole family to enjoy 🤔😁
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    [SOLD] Innovative Lighting Power Light

    Did this sell? Or is it still available?
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Yes, pump gas. When I go to Parker I fill up with av gas.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back up to the top. Lowered the price. It’s ready for a new family to enjoy......
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    Let's See Your Butt!

    Here’s mine
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    I just checked my phone and didn’t see anything. Try again or call me. Thanks
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    It’s been awhile since I last posted. The pending sale fell through back in September. I took it out this summer a total of 3 times. In the garage waiting for the new owner to come and get it. Open to reasonable offers.
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    Who’s the Volvo Penta Guru in Phoenix, Havasu, or IE Area?

    Try Octane Marine, Glendale, Az, Charles @ 602-670-3335.
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    Race ski bindings

    If you’re in the Phoenix area, try Southwest Rubber—602-288-7063. They made me some new rubber straps for my race ski bindings about two years ago. I took my old rubber in and they used them as templates and drilled all the screw holes in the new rubber. Easy to install.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back to the top. Would like to get this garage ornament sold, it’s ready to make a new owner happy. I would consider a partial trade for a CanAm X3 maxx
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    Diesel truck repair in Phoenix

    I take my 02’ F350, 7.3 to Rob Derman at Diesel Derminator, 602-570-1747 (Glendale, AZ). All he works on is the Ford diesels and specializes with the 7.3. He’s low key and doesn’t try to up sell extra stuff that’s not needed. If you go there, tell him Todd sent you his way.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back to the top. Ready to go to a new home and make someone very happy. Call me with a reasonable offer, you never know.
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    The mid night train station
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    Back to the top. Haven’t used it since March. Just waiting in the garage for a new owner. Someone needs this in their stable and they won’t be disappointed. All turn key, ready to go.
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    24’ Schiada for sale

    I’m headed in the not having a boat direction, for now. One step at a time.......