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  1. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Renting a home out that has a pool.

    In this day and age environment I wouldn't rent anything you cared about to anyone. It will be fucked up and thrashed and you'll spend endless amounts of time trying to recoup the costs of damage
  2. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Army Lt. traffic stop

    Again. Who is at the root problem here?? Had the suspect not resisted and obeyed the commands it would have never escalated to this point. Why do black people feel as if obeying the commands of a law enforcement officer does not apply to them? Let’s focus on the root cause of this daily behavior.
  3. SkyDirtWaterguy

    DCB Sinks in Florida

    DCB’s new wakeboard boat. Bladder tanks are full and should throw a nice wake.
  4. SkyDirtWaterguy

    DMX passes at 50 yrs

    George Floyd would be proud
  5. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Flashlight recommendations? Tired of buying crap.

  6. SkyDirtWaterguy

    4 seat speed UTV

    I’m holding out for this....
  7. SkyDirtWaterguy

    DJ setup in the channel

    It’d be a lot nicer to keep that ghetto shit out of Havasu
  8. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Desert Storm Press Release! Back on main st

  9. SkyDirtWaterguy

    PAC 12 Women’s Basketball

    Are they really women??
  10. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Skateboard on a treadmill?

    That is true!
  11. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Skateboard on a treadmill?

    According to the law of physics that’s not possible
  12. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Illegals claiming asylum now being released without any paperwork or court date

    Biden has officially declared an end to Covid with the opening of the border! Throw your masks in the trash and resume your normal life
  13. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Battery Charger - Optima 400 Any Good?

    I have one and it works great.
  14. SkyDirtWaterguy

    AirBnb Cancels my rental again! Havasu long rental

    Are there any rules or restrictions/laws that tenants have for staying more than 30 days? If I was a landlord renting property I'd be nervous renting to people. With all the Covid bullshit going on people feel entitled to squat in a residence and not pay the rent. Its a bitch trying to get...
  15. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Ford canceling Ohio plant to move it to Mexico

    If the illegals were smart they’d stay in Mexico. That’s where all the jobs are going.
  16. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Learned something new today regarding school buses

    What about seat belt requirements in a bus?
  17. SkyDirtWaterguy


    That place could use some cleaning up
  18. SkyDirtWaterguy

    just a little video to get you thru work, it has a boat!

    👍 :cool: 👍 Reminds me of why I'm just not ready for that pontoon boat yet!
  19. SkyDirtWaterguy

    LOL Addressing the nation or mellow dramatic babble

    The day this fucking guy opened the flood gates at the border was the day Covid ended!
  20. SkyDirtWaterguy

    Boat Name Help

    Retainer Fees