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  1. J

    the end

    from what i just heard, cant say if it is true or not but the military has shut down trump if so he wont be coming to our rescue.... time to learn chinese
  2. J

    What Happens if ......

    SO, if biden is elected President and has to resign at some point in his term..... Harris becomes president and who becomes vice president... scary thought!!!!!
  3. J

    wipple reprograming

    OK, I am thinking of doing a wipple stage 2 on a sci 600 what result should i expect other than a possible broken drive
  4. J

    Kramer junction bypass

    Last Saturday heading home from AZ on the Highway 58 west of Hinkley out side of Barstow it looks like the state finally has gotten around to starting construction eliminating the last section of 2 lane road between the existing 4 lane highway and Boron, survey stakes and heavy earth moving...