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  1. Spectra18

    Dem vs Rep : Brains Work Differently

    Anyone see this Joe Rogan Episode. Crenshaw brings out the point where depending on whether your a Rep or Dem your brains work differently, which effects your outlook on life and risks you take. This would help influence how you view Covid or what type of career you choose.
  2. Spectra18

    To Be or Not to Buy: old truck vs debt.

    I got a 2008 Ford F-150, payed off , 210k miles, no real issues yet but the heater ain’t working. I mainly tow my spectra 18. Dad suggested I look into a new truck ( 2017-2019). BUT GOT DAMN $35k for a new one. Hate taking money outta my wife’s and girlfriends mouths to pay for a truck. Should...
  3. Spectra18

    USED RV CAMPERS/Trailers

    So just curious what can you get that’s decent in this market $8,000-10,000 range. What’s the best places to get an idea or place to buy Used Trailers.
  4. Spectra18

    ASIANS!!!! Asians!!!! ALM!!!!

    What’s with the media man. Like gypsies that snatch your wallet while one of their friends distract you. What’s with the Asian hate. Why are people attacking Asian Americans. They’re the best!!! Plus anyone into Asian food and girls. Woot woot.
  5. Spectra18

    Gavin Newsom’s Eyes : Stoned or Jizz

    Everytime this bitch is being interviewed on the tele I wonder and ask myself is he “ stoned” or did someone accidentally jizz in his eyes.
  6. Spectra18

    STATUE OF LIBERTY : Give me your lazy ass scum.

    Mannnnnn. Older I get grumpier I get. Had a lady at work ( dental office ) tell my Libby Covid nazi coworker to tell me to cover my nose fully with my mask. Bitch was from Ghambia, another shit country. She’s here using up medical medi whatever is free. Kids are special needs , probably...
  7. Spectra18

    Blue Water Resort(?) Updates

    Any info on marina /launch ramp and hotel opening up ?
  8. Spectra18

    Vaccine: wtf

    My psycho VIEW watching Covid loving co worker made staff members get the vaccine. Older co worker with asthma ended up with Covid. Wtf ? Is this the norm for the future. I confronted my boss , wtf yo !?! I just had Covid , so once a little time passes is he gonna want me to get vaccinated? He...
  9. Spectra18

    Dem Politicians Spending for Votes etc

    Man dummies around me excited about government checks, school loan forgiveness, and get outta jail free passes. F'd up world. PS : FBI on top of those who raided capital , BLM/antifa sure got a free pass.
  10. Spectra18

    Media Witch Hunt

    Dang media is going after anyone that disagrees with their “narrative” and those who sided with Trump. In no time they’ll be coming after us. Free Speech ? Different views ? Freedom of Religion? Bible is hate speech to the LGBTQRSTUVWZ$& community.
  11. Spectra18

    Dems Shocked at Patriots

    WTF all these Senators acting like couple months ago BLM/antifa/white youth and Karen’s weren’t rioting and attacking police.
  12. Spectra18

    Coronavirus: Think we have it...

    Well I thought wife and I had a cold. She had to get tested for work, “ POSITIVE”. We’ll survive. Does this mean we don’t have to deal with the vaccine now ?
  13. Spectra18

    ANTI-MASK NAZI : masking moments

    Just saw a guy in a convertible corvette with a mask on. Top down. Mask on. People Are stupid.
  14. Spectra18

    Proud Boys/Media/BLM

    Came across this article portraying PBs as an extremist group that “ ripped BLM signs down , police support and they clas with anti-trumpsters.” This f’ing journalists!! While on the other end you got this libs /antifa cunts attacking police ,burning down stores , and been caught attacking old...
  15. Spectra18

    Las Vegas : Annual Thanksgiving Trip

    Man been coming to Vegas every thanksgiving for the last 10 years. Really sucks being told what to do, not being able to eat wherever and whenever ( reservations required). Poor workers hating on Sisolick. Shoulda stayed home.
  16. Spectra18

    Mass Shooting: Are they uncool now days ?

    Not to be a prick but what happened to all the mass shooting/shooters. Is it uncool now days. The waves of shit we go thru in this country is weird. No offense , not condoning the shootings but it’s bizarre how the virus has over taken stupid people's minds.
  17. Spectra18

    GREAT RESET: Can It Be True?

    what’s your guys’ take on it? If it’s true are they cutting are throats slowing with a cotton ball ( as my dad says ).
  18. Spectra18

    Renters or Section 8?

    So just curious. We just had a family move across the street from us in nice part of Riverside. Rents about $3200 a month. But no one seems to be working , 4-5 cars parked never seem to be moved, and all the “ damn lights ( garage)” are always on. Sooo government assistance or did I miss Mensa...
  19. Spectra18

    Trump “ No on Handouts”

    Dang the world is getting ready for handouts.
  20. Spectra18

    TRUMP WINS : violence

    What da fack?!?! Police and metro across the country are prepping for riots and violence if Trump wins. If Biden wins are hard working Republicans that are allowed to work , gonna go out and riot and loot ?