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    Supercross- Atlanta... Mcadoo crash

    Holy shit... Just watched McAdoo, become a ragdoll... in a wipeout... Will try to post a link to it later... Thats gonna hurt alot... I am surprised he is not in a wheelchair after that... edited... fuck.. they stopped the race, and they are restarting... this mutherfucker is back on his...
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    I am back in the OB club

    Picked up a 2007 Hurricane 201 with 85 hours, on a Yamaha 150 4 stroke, practically brand new, Saturday am, in Fort Mohave, dropped in the water at Willows by Noon. went up to Avi, all the way down to Havasu and back up, with the typical stops, Topac Pirates etc. This is a great boat, cruised...
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    Food Poisoning Last Night

    I dont think I will be able to trust a fart for at least a few weeks after last night.... Wow, that sucked.....
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    Smoked Carnitas Tacos

    Got the hankering for some good old Carnitas Tacos for dinner... Never really cooked carnitas like this, here is how I am doing it... 3.5lb pork but with bone Injection 3/4 Cup of Orange Juice 1/4 Cup of Lime Juice few good splashes of worchester sauce few good splashs of Taco Bell hot sauce...
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    2010 Ducati Multristrada 1200 - 150hp -SOLD...

    I bought this bike from the original owner about 9 months ago. Since then I havent even put 200 miles on it. What a shame. I thought I would have the time to enjoy it, but I just dont. When I say that no one believes this is a 2010 bike. I am not joking. Its practically flawless. I can show you...
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    Weber Smoke Fire

    You guys have read my posts, about pellet pooppers in the past. The only reason I have this, is because it popped up on Craigslist, I got a smoking deal on it. I have used several other brands of pellet smokers and didnt like them for many reasons. First and foremost, they sucked at grilling...
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    2021 Stock Market

    OK Guys, I am willing to share what I am doing in my Cash Accounts. What is a Cash Account... Its not a 401K, or a IRA, it doesnt have any tax advantages. You have to pay tax on those proceeds. Before we get into my Cash Account. Lets talk retirement strategy 101. First and foremost, take...
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    Prime Rib- Smoked and reverse seared

    Planning how to cook my 3 Rib, Prime rib for xmas dinner. Step 1 complete... bought it... Step 2 on Dec 24th around noon time ish... I will make a paste of Olive oil, Horseradish mustard, fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, onions (finely diced), salt and pepper. I will cover the entire prime rib...
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    Its gonna be a Slash X Day

    Its gonna be a very very good day. Riding my KTM 300 in Barstow area,with my son, daughter, and a buddy. 3-4 hours of beautiful weather, open desert,family friends, Slash X burger and a beer. Yep I am pretty sure my day will be better than yours.. ha
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    Whats for Dinner

    The weather in Murrieta is amazing this am. So I decided to fire up the smoker, and I had another reason. Backstory, a neighborhood kid that I have known his entire life, who is now 12 years old. Came down with appendicitis, and had a small rupture and surgery. Battling some very high fevers...
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    Must See Documentary - The Social Delimma

    Wow, you guys have to see this. Alot of former Tech Companys employees, owners, engineers, data , software, behavior specialist... All discussing the impacts of Social Media on our Society. I thought I knew alot, but these guys truly opened my eyes to just how bad the problems is, and how much...
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    Vice President Debates

    We all know which side I am routing for... My analysis in the first 10 minutes Kamala is well spoken, very prepared, and has done a good job so far. Pence, is well spoken , very prepared, and has done a good job so far.. Up until now... I have to say Kamala is doing better than I expected...
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    I win again - BBQ Stuffed Salmon

    At costco, they sell stuffed Salmon. We have been buying it for years, pretty much every Costco trip, means we are bringing it home. I am prettty sure, I have perfected cooking it. Prep- Load the Weber Summitt up with Charcoal, and 3-4 big chunks of Cherry wood, and kick off the coals. Then...
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    Fired up the Smoker

    Its gonna be a good day... 4 Racks of Baby Backs ,1 pork butt... and every knows what Arnold Palmer drink is right? Well I created a drink I call the John Daly, which is a Arnold Palmer with two healthy shots of Vodka... and I am on my second one. Its not even lunch yet. Those go down so nice...
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    Brisket - Fathers Day

    Decided to cook a Brisket, in honor of my dad. Who passed away a few years ago. One of his favorite things in life was brisket, since we lived in Texas, We made Texas style briskets. Which means keep it basic let the smoke, meat, salt pepper... low and slow. To me thats the way it should be...
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    Stock Market - My Thoughts - love to hear your opinion

    There are alot of people on RDP that have alot of investing knowledge. Thought I would share my thoughts. When the market tanked on CV19, I had some $$$ on the sidelines, and went all in. I have done very very well. Some of the keys reasons I believe I did well, is due to the fact the US Gov...
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    BBQ Sammichs

    When I have a hankering for a BBQ sammich, but dont have the time or need for a full brisket... Pot Roast, smoked just like a brisket, but it does it in half the time and you still get might fine bbq... So I put these two babys on about 12:30, smoking away 225... At around 2:30, I put some hot...
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    2016 Chevy Tahoe LT Premier $35,500

    I bought it about 7 months ago as a Certified Pre Owned which came with a 125,000 Mile Warranty. I had no plans of selling it when I bought it. Job Responsibility's have changed, therefore I am selling my beloved Tahoe. Yep its a sad Day. Its pretty much a Denali, but Chevy version. When I...
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    Merry Christmas Knuckleheads

    Seriously, Merry Xmas, Thanks to all of you for making this site what it is.. I hope all of you keep sharing your experience and knowledge. I have learned alot, and looking forward to learning more.
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    1990s Eliminator 24 Fundeck

    Educate me... Is that a good boat? Pros Cons thoughts...?