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  1. spectra bash

    1984 f350 question.

    Makes sense. Looking to build a camper. Maybe better off going through suspension and tranny on my 04 2500.
  2. spectra bash

    1984 f350 question.

    Also looking at a 86 c30 Chevy dually clean. But has 6.2 diesel. Not sure about that motor. Also would prefer 4x4. Maybe can convert it
  3. spectra bash

    1984 f350 question.

    It would also carry a overhead camper which a f150 wouldnt work. I have always been a chevy guy . Barry from obnoxious built my dads 460 to a 545 in my boat and it has been great. I also think older trucks just have more style . Old f250 or 70's chevy crew cab.
  4. spectra bash

    1984 f350 question.

    So i am looking at a 84 f350 crewcab longbed 4x4 with original 460. Truck body and interior are real clean. I can have it for $5000. Was wondering thoughts on swaping out 460 for new 7.3 gas motor and a new tranny. I have been wanting to build something like this mainly for camping and towing...
  5. spectra bash

    Trailer refurbish !

    Eric @ kustom trailers and fabrication in corona is redoing my trailer right now. Oldschool small shop. Up in the hills. Cheaper than most and looks to do quality work. 1(909)838-5523.
  6. spectra bash

    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    These are closer to what I would choose if I could afford to build. Clean lines. No swooshing.
  7. spectra bash

    Lost a great man today!!

    Sorry for your loss.
  8. spectra bash

    Meanwhile in California (Long Beach)

    Hero pay LOL. The last few times I went to the store the young baggers just walk away. Last week the kid stood there looking at a brochure while I bagged my own groceries. I lost it on him and the manager. What are they being paid for?
  9. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

    Thanks cliff.
  10. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

    Hoses are new. The boat was just completed a year ago.
  11. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

    Got it. Maybe I’ll just park it.
  12. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

  13. spectra bash

    Exhaust hose clamps?

    My exhaust hose clamps from exhaust to tips inside were leaking over thanksgiving. Newer motor set up. They are the usual worm gear clamps. I tried tightening them up but they pretty much ate themselves. ( just spinning) Looking to replace with new ones. Looking online at T Bolt clamps, High...
  14. spectra bash

    Whole House water filtration

    Do you have a photo of setup and brand? I am interested in this set up. Thanks
  15. spectra bash

    Another pool thread (as if we needed another)

    Stonescapes French gray
  16. spectra bash

    Boat trailer rebuild.

    Any experience with franks in havasu?
  17. spectra bash

    Boat trailer rebuild.

    In long beach area . Have a 21 cruiser. looking to go through trailer paint, wider fenders, bunks etc. Had a guy in elsinore to do it but keeps pushing back since october. Need someone that can take boat off trailer. I know about Adreneline but think they will be out of my price range. It is a...
  18. spectra bash