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    Cool motorcycle as decoration

    I have a non working rat rod motorcycle in Denver for sale
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    More minimum wage data

    Being in the full service side of the restaurant industry, I am not opposed to a higher min wage, even the $15 min wage, but what I would like to see is the inclusion of tip credits in the wage for tipped employees. I know the higher min wage effects the quick serve differently, so I'm not...
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    New series on tv

    I enjoyed hand of god as well
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    Good exposure for Vroom.com

    Sold my Toyota Tacoma with them. Went against everything you should do when selling a car. Mail them the title, and keys, and then they set someone up to pick up the vehicle. After that you get a check in a few day. Checked them out, saw the reviews and went with it. Not only did they offer...
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    Rolling power blackouts in effect across Texas as massive winter storm drives demand for electricity

    looks like Texas was hit with a case of Global Warming. It always amazed me when I was in Texas and it snowed. Growing up in New England I thought Texas was alway hot.
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    Still waiting on ours
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    The Name Game -- Who Remembers?

    Mike Fiori outerlimits Tim McDonald OCM ( he's dead to me)
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    Headshots on resumes

    can't imagine this would be a legal with all the discrimination crap going on. My understanding ( and I'm not a attorney) is that you can not request photos on a application, or even the screening process until the employee is hired, then you can require it. That may be different in a...
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    BOA agent gave us a link
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    submitted, and waiting now
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    those are still for smaller banks. the two we would potentially deal with BOA has over 2 trillion in assets, while our second choice ( smaller, local PNW bank) Columbia bank has 17 billion
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    PPP (Round 2) Information

    second draw, major banks open Tuesday the 19TH
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    Business travel

    been traveling at least once a month since it started, going to miss the empty airports, having my own row on the plane, and my own floor at the hotel. Getting a little busier now, but still much better than this time last year.
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    Now this is horse shit.

    I sympathize with the business owner, being a restaurant owner myself. Being down 20% sucks, but during these times that's not too bad. The part that is hard to follow is how the food to beverage ratio changed so much with the reduction of seats. You would think the alcohol sales would see a...
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    vroom anyone?

    had the opposite situation on a sale with them. Had a Toyota Tacoma, and carmax offered 24.5, Kelly blue book offered 28.1, and vroom offered 30.1 went with vroom and the process scared the shit out of me. Had to send them a signed over title, set of keys and registration. They would then set up...
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    New Years Eve - What's for Dinner?

    Chinese food
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    Tim McDonald Victims

    So I received my first restitution debit card today. (apparently they send debit cards instead of checks??) $137 down, only 89K left to go. He'll have this paid off in no time. He's probably working double shifts at the laundry to get it done. If he gets a $600 check from the government, I'll...
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    PPP Loan Rules

    Tax Treatment: PPP loans will not be included as taxable income. Expenses paid with the proceeds of a PPP loan that is forgiven are now tax-deductible. This covers not only new loans but also existing and prior PPP loans, reversing previous guidance from the Treasury and IRS, which did not allow...
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    dancing robots

    Skills I will never have