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  1. Rexone

    Anyone into desert tortoise ??

    Try contacting Ca turtle & Tortoise club, they may have adoption leads or the suggestion by Magic Mike above. There is also a tortoise rescue out by Malibu somewhere as I recall. I have too many now that will outlive me (I'm old, they're young), I can't take any more, unfortunately.
  2. Rexone

    1987 Schiada 21 River Cruiser Boat 300 Turbocharged

    Still available. email me at sales@rexmar.com with any interest. :)
  3. Rexone

    1987 Schiada 21 River Cruiser Boat 300 Turbocharged

    This is no longer my boat, I'm posting for my brother. Boat is in Havasu. Email me for his contact info with questions etc. sales@rexmar.com. I don't check PMs regularly here so email please. 1987 Schiada 21 foot River Cruiser. $125000 36 more pictures Originally built and set up for ski...
  4. Rexone

    Campbell Carl - It's Been 4 Years!! RIP Buddy

    Hard to believe it's been 4 years. Miss that guy. :(
  5. Rexone

    Rub rail help

    I spoke with McRib, for aluminum in the size he wants Taco's the only game left. I told him to check West Marine as they are a Taco dist (I no longer am), outside of that to get from Taco directly. What's he's looking for is 1 1/2", not BT-1, which is 1" and which I have tons of.
  6. Rexone

    Intertex Motorized Carousel for Linoleum, Vinyl Flooring

    Scrapped it 2 years ago.
  7. Rexone

    FUCK CANCER!!!!!

    Go to pawhealer.com, and call them. They have holistic regimens that help many dogs with cancer. Reversing it many times. Requires you be proactive though in feeding and herbal treatment, and time is of the essence with cancer. Sorry you are having to deal with this with your pup. :(
  8. Rexone

    Black Widow ?

    Brown widows love plastic furniture lips. I have lots of blacks and browns around my place. I spray them all the time, at night when they're out in the open. I've never been bit but a couple close calls.
  9. Rexone

    Hatch ram wiring

    That's the value of the relay. It keeps you from having to rewire the whole boat. The stock wiring is adequate to run a relay but not to run the hatch ram. And check the dash switch they do fail from trying to pass too many amps over time. All problem areas. I've only seen a couple cases that...
  10. Rexone

    Glenwood marine closed indefinitely?

    Receiving orders here as well. Not a problem on items they have stock on. Which is NOT everything, primarily out of the larger and mid size cast items, mounts, manifolds and so on. The small stuff has not been too bad. 909-476-0335
  11. Rexone

    Billet Controls

    Anyone needing Dana control please call, I will make it worth your while. Turnaround usually 1-2 weeks depending on options, colors etc. 909-476-0335 or email sales@rexmar.com
  12. Rexone

    Rattle snake question for Havasu boaters

    Stuff a tee shirt in the hole and carry on. Carry some Sea Goin putty and fix it for the next day. Problem solved. Or carry some snake tongs. I have one by my back door but never considered taking it boating.
  13. Rexone

    Shipping Containers

    Many if not most cities take aerial photography of their city every so often to catch all the hidden additions people scab on, outbuildings, shipping containers, whatever doesn't pass zoning or wasn't permitted on the build.
  14. Rexone

    MY DAD..MY HERO...........I LOVE YOU

    I'm so sorry Mouser, my condolences to you and your family. :( I can tell just by what you wrote and those pics that this was a great man, I'm so sorry for your loss.
  15. Rexone

    Glenwood marine closed indefinitely?

    While there is a little delay I can get you parts, if I don't have it in stock... http://www.glenwoodmarine.net/ The latest word is they'll be reopening soon. No I don't know when. Janet is no longer with the company. She had planned to move out of state last year, nothing to do with the...
  16. Rexone

    How to feed your pet snake

    That's a diamondback water snake not a rattlesnake. The head is not flat like a viper and it has no rattles. But rattlers are very proficient swimmers. I've come across a few at the river in the past just cruising along.
  17. Rexone

    Tahoe Snow Totals if anyone is interested

    The Tahoe basin goes into Nevada via the Truckee River (they could be in trouble too), but I agree with you the Delta may be in trouble big time with an early or abrupt snowmelt as there's a ton of snow on the Ca drainage side of the Sierras.
  18. Rexone

    Hot for Teacher: Meet Bambi

    I had a very hot teacher in 3rd grade. Timing sucked. I was 8.
  19. Rexone

    Hey Lam!!! New addition to the shop Haas ST30

    Nice find Brian. Sounds like that will be a great addition. If you need help let me know. I can't lift a lot at once but can lift some a lot of times. ;) Have you ever considered getting a lift for the car and put your rolling stock under the lift? That is if you don't use the car much. Just...
  20. Rexone

    What is this?

    That's part of an IP spoofing unit commonly used to generate duplicate screenames and circumvent IP bans on popular forum software from the early 2000's.