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    Anyone Here Have/ Had a Bassett Hound ?

    I 'may' have an opportunity to adopt a Bassett , I've always wanted one but i've heard all the problems. Stinky, drooly, howly, farty, bad backs, dragging dicks, dirty ears, roaming off, etc. etc. (sounds just like me minus the dragging dick lol) It's a fairly young female, pure bred, and kind...
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    New Bridge In LB Harbor

    Took Pops for a little outing . . . fishin in LB / LA Harbor this am . . . saw that new bridge completed. New one in the foreground, old one in the background. Pretty impressive. Ended the day boating up to the 'Chowder Barge' way in the back of LA Harbor for lunch . . . unbelievably good...
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    ‘You be paying a visit to that bottom’...

    Johnny Boy Gomes was so classic.... 🤣
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    Quick Rant / Gripe Just for $hi+s & Giggles

    So my neighbors garage has too much shit in it to park inside . . . no biggie. But when their gardner comes on Thursday, they like to park away from their house so lawn & shit doesn't get on their car from the leaf blower. Lame, but whatever. Guess where they park??? , yup, right in front of...
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    Immigrants Coming to LB Convention Center

    I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, but damn this President. They are voting on it in a (surprise) 'Closed Door Meeting' today at 4:00pm . . . but considering the Mayor is an immigrant from Peru, they might as well start preparing the place. So Wrong.
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    RDP = Really Dudes Place . .

    What's with the sausage factor here ? Bunch of old married dickheads braggin about their Hava-few homes, & all the gnarly guy toys. Where's the 'Single-Channel' . . .. ? . . . I'm boycotting this bullshit ...
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    Preferred News Channel . . .

    Sorry if this has been asked here a million times before. What are some News Channels you all prefer that aren't . . . well you know. My patience is way past the point of any of the So Cal offerings. Newsmax seems alright . . . what say You ???
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    Bought a Spare for My Trailer and Reminded Me of a Gnarly story . . .

    So I just bought a matching spare wheel/tire for my boat trailer. I always take one, but I wanted a fresh one, mine was getting pretty rough. Which reminde me of an 'experience' I had several years ago, and maybe it might save someone here from having the same 'Stupid Attack' I had. I took my...
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    LIVE Feed of Echo Park Homeless Protestors

    So these people have nothing better to do than protest the cleaning up of the city. Sad Sad Sad Link is to Live Feed on a You tube Channel
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    Osprey Grocery Shopping

    It's been fun to watch an Osprey couple take care of this years new-borns. They go shopping for fish in the wetlands . . . bring 'em back and eat them on top of a light pole, take a shit, then bring a belly full back to the nest to feed the chicks. Hot Tip: Don't park under the light pole.
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    What The F___k is with Spring Break ???

    I remember when there was really only '1-week' where 'most' schools were off. Then it was like 2 different weeks . . . and a 3rd 'floater-week' for some weird-ass schools. Then for a period of time I didn't really pay attention or give a shit. Then while I was dating a single Mom, I found out...
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    Any Bluewater Marina Opening Date Intel ?

    My buddy's wife just booked a room for early April w/o knowing the Marina is still closed. He's hoping it's open by then. Has anyone heard any rumblings for an opening date ?
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    Zacharies Disease

    So this chick at work couldn't figure out why her husband wasn't interested in any 'Boner Time' at all. She went to her regular scheduled appointment with her 'Cookie Doctor' with Dr Fong and mentioned to him what was going on. The doctor said, "Bend over and take down your underwear". She does...
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    Cool Sign @ Shadow Trailers in Cypress

    Was in Shadow Trailers today picking up a spare wheel / tire for my rig. Saw this sign while waiting. Pretty Cool eh @DILLIGAF ?
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    Dumb-A$$ Bass Dork

    . . . So wrong in so many ways . . .
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    CA Can Suck the Fart Out of My Ass

    Coming to a county near you. No working on cars at home . . . https://www.odometer.com/car-care/2562390/sacramento-ca-makes-diy-auto-repairs-illegal/?fbclid=IwAR0gOiNklLcEkgFvJbb5wf53W17hVsTs-yK0YE1eTRZmGYTRiQUkczzsuqw
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    Donkeys Shouldn't Own Boats

    My neighbor came over and told me a funny story. Some guy at his club in newport harbor just bought what he called a 'Go-Fast Boat' . . . so I'm assuming a 'Scarab-Type' of center console. Apparently he bought it used and had someone hang a couple of brand new big outboards on the back. So...
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    Rice Shoe Fence

    Took this a year or so ago on a potty-break w/ Pops. He'd never seen it before and laughed.
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    Marine Fly-Over This Morning.

    Big Boys rolling up the coast this morning.