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    1999 35' Fountain Executioner

    For Sale is a 1999 35' Fountain Executioner with two 540 cubic inch Custom Engines dynoed at 740+ HP each. IMCO SC Upper and Lower outdrives. Teague Oil Coolers, Sea Strainers, Alternator, Water Pump and Power Steering Brackets. Three New Optima D31 Batteries with Billet Boxes. Engines have 27...
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    Chicks and Guns!

    Buy one of these and own it for life. Pass it down for generations. They are pricey but so is what you are locking up. Peace of mind is worth it. http://www.graffundersafes.com/gallery.html
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    Free GM 3500 Power Steering Gear Box and Misc Steering Components

    It doesn't look like it will fit your truck. It looks like 1999 to 2007 1/2.
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    Free GM 3500 Power Steering Gear Box and Misc Steering Components

    It looks like the stock sector shaft is undersize for for hd use. The PSC steering box uses a bigger shaft according to their web site. Here is the link. https://www.pscmotorsports.com/psc-sg039.html
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    Free GM 3500 Power Steering Gear Box and Misc Steering Components

    If you look at the shipping box in the picture I posted it is from a brand new steering box from PSC. They use a bearing instead of a bushing on the lower shaft. It has worked fantastic so far. I looked into rebuilt units and it seemed to be hit or miss, that is why I went with a new one instead...
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    Sundance for Sale again.

    The map has to be pre 65. Jerry Osteen opened Riverfront resort in 1965 and it is not on the map.
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    Free GM 3500 Power Steering Gear Box and Misc Steering Components

    It is yours if you want it. It really doesn't need to be rebuilt. Let me know if you find a ride.
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    Sundance for Sale again.

    If you go to a site called one click chicks and do a search for pictures from a boat festival there are some R rated pictures from years past. There used to be a few posts on the thread, now there is only one with pictures.
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    Free GM 3500 Power Steering Gear Box and Misc Steering Components

    I upgraded my truck (2005 Chevy 3500 HD Dually) with new Kryptonite Pitman Arm, Idler Arm and Tie Rods. I also put a new steering box on the truck. I had no shimmy or problems with the old stuff, just wanted to upgrade. There was no play at all in the Tie Rods, Pitman Arm or Idler Arm. The power...
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    2015 Polaris RZR 1000 XP4 - 446 Total Miles

    Thanks J&K ! Good to meet you guys.
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    2015 Polaris RZR 1000 XP4 - 446 Total Miles

    2015 Polaris 1000 XP4 - Low Miles - $17,500 - 446 Total Miles - Trinity Stage 5 Exhaust - Trinity Tuner - 4 Point Pro Armor Harnesses - Seat Pass Throughs for Harness - Polaris Metal Roof - LED Light Bar - Lower Doors - Kemimoto Front Door Bags with Kneepads - Spare Tire Holder and New...
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    Hot spot streaming movies?

    This is what has worked for me. I put kodi on the phone and cast it to the tv.
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    Escalade used to shut off at 100

    On 40 part way to Kingman. Speedo was optimistic at 186, GPS with max speed was in my pocket.
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    1975 Glastron CV-19

    Boat is sold.
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    1975 Glastron CV-19

    Funny you say that. I have had a 25 Daytona with a big blower motor and a Conquest deck boat. More people comment and come and ask questions about the Glastron than they ever did with the other boats. Havasu is so used to big high powered boats these days.
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    1975 Glastron CV-19

    For Sale is a 1975 Glastron CV-19. It has a 455 Oldsmobile and Berkley jet drive. Jet was recently rebuilt with new impeller. It has new carpet and interior with new wood. It has the original solid floor and transom. Engine has polished exhaust manifolds, MSD distributer, MSD box, coil and plug...
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    I don't think you will be able to run ac on solar. Go to amsolar.com They have some great information about solar.
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    Boating content- what is this popping sound ?

    It is normal. It is the rubber bushings at the end of the trim cylinders. After it is in the water it will probably stop. You can take the plastic caps off the ends of the cylinders and remove the nut and bushings. Put a little lube on them and bolt it back up if it bothers you. The noise will...
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    Laughlin Fire

    River road to Laughlin shut down north of Avi. Fire is crossing the road.