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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    What would you like justified? Her injuries were a result of her fighting the detention. The officer needed to restrain her as she was not responding or co-operating. This is not only to protect them from her, but to protect her from herself. If she had dementia as reported she was a...
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    standoff on KCBS2

    Sorry to hear this played out in a area with a weak DA. Hopefully this will result with a conviction that will allow those that have lost loved ones to start to find closure. And No this isn't the place for those comments. People are grieving the loss of loved ones and they have suffered...
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    During the Trump years the focus of a shooting was on the shooter being a criminal. Now the focus is on the weapon. And now the shooter is portrayed a victim just as much as the people that they shot with those scary guns.
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    Survelance Experts / Hackers/ tech experts/ PI/ LE -Help Wanted

    Lasers are an effective tool against most cameras. Depending on the laser you can create small blind spots or blank out the whole camera. But, without seeing what the camera can see you are only guessing if the laser is being effective.
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    We are..... we're continuing to let you ramble and act like exactly the kind of cop that makes good cops cringe. So please feel free to carry on. You will regardless.
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    Better trained in this case would mean that if the vehicle was legal, their grounds for the stop would have been to simply confirm the legality of the vehicle not to apprehend a law breaker which is something they should have been aware of as a very legit possibility. Things like yelling...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    There are a couple points. The LT is in the military. What state was the vehicle registered in? What state was his carry permit from? Does Virginia have reciprocity with the state his carry permit is from? Is one in the pipe legal in his state? If the vehicle was legal in the...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    I was probably making traffic stops when you were no more than a gleam in your daddy's eye. At 61 I'm way past the age to be in a squad car. I chose military over LEO as a career. I do have the degree among others and would love to talk to officers like you on the stand, but my wife said...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    So are you implying you would have handled that particular stop the same way? Based on the information that has been posted (no saying if I was stopping him there would have been this). From stopping the LT, to shouting on the PA, to calling for felony backup, to getting out of the cruiser...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    I don't need to discuss it, I stated my point. You are clearly a legend in your own mind and all the professional and college training I've had on the subject must be wrong. Apparently these officers took the same training you did. Thus, they are in the trouble they are in. Being in the...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    May 13, 2019 · In Virginia, there are no stop and identify laws. If a police officer stops you and asks for identification, you don’t have to show them your ID (unless it’s an investigative stop). However, if you are driving a motor vehicle, are a Green Card holder, or are in a locality that has...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    I was in the military and when I was lit up in a remote area, I turned on my flashers (this acknowledges the desire for me to stop), I proceeded a slower constant speed to a well lit public area before stopping (thus complying with the officer's desire for me to stop). I did something the LT...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    Not sure what codes are in place where he was stopped, but exiting the vehicle and complying with instructions to do so are only mandatory if he has been legally detained and arrested. In almost every jurisdiction I can know of, officers are required to state what he is being detained for if...
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    The old Jetovator trick!

    Did that to a jet ski once that kept jumping my wake way too close to the boat. I saw him coming in the ski mirror, throttled down while putting the diverter up all the way and when he was about to hit the wake, throttled up and blew him off the ski. It was perfect except for the DNR boat...
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    Skateboard on a treadmill?

    Since the belt on the tread mill will cause some air movement due to surface friction. In theory if the treadmill could turn fast enough and the wheels didn't get so hot they burned the plane down, it could take off. But in theory, almost anything is possible. Look how much you can tow...
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    Cheap Magic Deck

    And this is why you don't put your toys in the wife's name.
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    Kids first solo at Mesa airport

    LOL we called them the "Mattel Messerchmidt" but in 82 when I soloed, they were most likely still 269A models. I can still remember the relief that I hadn't done anything stupid and was signed off on the first day of solo flights. And to the OP: Congrats to your son. It is a memorable day...
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    I used the word THENCE today

    henceforth we shall now endeavor to expectorate these monsterful words whenever the occasion arises.
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    Boeing's a Wreck

    Not on cue but they can certainly be coaxed into failing prematurely. Power changes are when most turbofan engines fail. Knowing when those changes are likely to occur would allow a demented person to inject a potential failure point into the process. For the record, I do believe they...
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    Ag trailer restoration help

    That's a fairly new rack. Well within the last 50 years. A good ag supply should have the bearings and even the hubs if you need them. But as mentioned, the studs will press out. If you want it to look like a hay rack the stacking wall goes to the back.