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    73 Spectra 20 Jet

    I have decided to sell my 73 Spectra 20 jet. It has a 468 Chevy and Berkeley jet. Both are rebuilt and in fact still breaking in. The motor has a Holley 850 carb, Edelbrock Torker manifold, Mallory ignition and runs very strong. The boat was painted when I bought it and the upholstery was 'new'...
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    Need Insurance

    Well I have this project to a point that I can put this thing in the water tomorrow. Now all I need is insurance. My company (Geico) doesn't insure older jet boats (Spectra 20) and searching on-line for marine insurance, it seems no one else does either. Any references out there? Especially a...
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    Polypropylene Gas Tanks?

    Anyone have opinions, pros or cons on polypropylene tanks? I would have to check the height after putting in the floor but these tanks might work. And a lot cheaper than aluminum. My neighbor races outboards and uses poly tanks - at over 100 mph.
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    Steering fin

    I bought a 73 Spectra 20 with a BBC jet. I've only had it out once and found that the front end wanted to 'hunt' at or near full throttle. The steering fin is a bit twisted. I am re-doing the floor and gas tanks so I took the fin off yesterday too since I had access. Is that something that I...
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    What size plywood for floor?

    I got my old fiberglass tanks out and took the old floor out as well. It did not appear all that old but was put down with drywall screws, was not resined, and had mold on it. So my question/s now... How thick of plywood should I use for the floor. This is a Spectra 20 with 4 stringers...
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    Fuel Tank Questions

    Hello all. New to posting here. I have done some occasional reading tho. I acquired a 73 Spectra 20 that needs at least one tank replaced. It has the original fiberglass tanks. I happen to have another 20 (unstarted project) with a couple of fiberglass tanks that are supposedly good. People say...