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    Metal cutting carbide tipped chop saw

    I have a few jobs to do and need a good metal miter cuts to make tight 90’s, I have an abrasive chop saw but the cuts always wonder/sloppy. anybody use a carbide tipped chop saw for metal? I have an eye on the Slugger made by Fein sold at the west air welding supply, local to me, I need to...
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    High Performance car brake squeak

    Hi guys! looking for info on high performance brake system My wife’s car Frt brakes squeak she has carbon - ceramic rotors and the Audi pads to go with these rotors her car is a 2018 Audi TT rs The Audi service tech said her car is basically a race car and the rotor / pad don’t get heated up...
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    Costco Coors Light cooler

    Did anyone see this coors light cooler at Costco? I think it’s on line only
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    Costco 7500 watt tri fuel gen set $800

    This looks like a sweet deal
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    What the HELL is everyone doing for NEW Years.....

    I’m at a total loss, I usually don’t give a crap and can sit home and have a fire pit, a dart board, corn board competition, movie or just wine/ beers as long as I’m with my trophy wife.... it’s just us 2 what say the inmates .... RDP night ride big ass bon fire RDP style taco trucks, disco...
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    Ryobi pressure washer..... WoW

    After taking the can am out Saturday I wanted to clean it up and remove the 45 lbs of dust and dirt, I use my cordless red blower and then get the Ryobi Pressure washer out to wash it dow and crap the motor doesn’t turn on, check the GFI - looks ok green light means go! check water - yep...
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    Rudy on illegal votes

    Anybody watching this.... Crazy fraud! Interesting to see the same fraud in different areas of the country
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    News coverage of the election last night. What’s your thoughts...

    After clicking around to several different news channels I was pretty pissed about the election reporting. It was crap Accross all channels! Some of the states got called way to early. They posted the percentages really big but had a tiny number of the counties reported. The numbers are what...
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    Some of the states are really close

    I’m amazed at how close the votes are in some of the states. I find it hard to believe that Biden did so well from his basemen. We are divided nation !! Nevada is all red except vegas and Reno.....
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    8/11 & 12 meteor shower starts after 9

    https://abc7.com/science/2020s-best-meteor-shower-lights-up-night-sky-next-week/6359852/ meteor shower tonight after 9 pm grab a cocktail and check it out cheers!
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    Back the Blue. Saturday July 11@ 7:30

    I just saw this and wanted to post it. We are not in HAVASU this weekend but this looks like a fun Time in the can am
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    Monster Energy Supercross starts Back up tomorrow night

    Can’t wait to see how this rolls out tomorrow night !
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Any body see this yet? https://speedsxs.com/products/2021-speed-sxs-xx-4
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    Ocotillo Wells shut down

    Just saw this
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    House flooded. Need a contractor

    My sister n laws house flooded from the pool auto fill water line. She needs a GC to put it back into shape or a list of subs. House is on the north end of Havasu. Its already been dried out and need some contacts to put the house back together Dose anyone have any referrals? drywall...
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    A weekend in Nashville

    My wife and her girl friend want to do a long weekend in Nashville, what are some of the must see and do. I know music bars and BBQ but that’s about it.... what’s the sweet spot to stay? F- google! I can get more info from the RDP brain trust! Real hand, bbq saucy, cold beer 411!! Go...
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    Happy New Year

    What’s going on in Havasu for New Year Eve? Is there and epic RDP NYE party going on? Is there going to be a RDP fireworks and Bon Fire KEG’r up on BISON ? What’s everyone doing?
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    Clean up ON aisle 10

    San - Fran-Poop man walks into a Safeway heads towards the TP aisle picks out his favorite wipe and then drops a Duce, they didn’t say if it was puddin or a log...
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    Shhhhh don’t tell RD

    i was thinking about asking RD if he wanted to go get some lunch on Friday. This Friday, like 8/23... like hell f’ing ya! Maybe have a couple beers get some grub! Get him out of the casa! Hanger 24 Pizza Javalinas What say you? Anyone want to go with? Let’s make it a lunch with RD.... I...
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    Inmate sighting

    Alright which one of you inmates was off the 215 and Newport? I didn’t want to post the lic plate on this sweet ride but then said F it!!!! Here it is. Come on post up who you are!