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    dancing robots

    Skills I will never have
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    Tim McDonald Victims

    So I called today checking on restitution, and to update my address, and asked about the $1,200 that was on Tim's possession when he was booked. This money was taken as evidence, and was supposed to be dispersed to the victims. The courts did not have this money, and were not aware of it until...
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    RIP Mike Lavallee killerpaint.com

    Lost a great friend yesterday to a stroke he had last week. I met Mike 20 years ago when I was looking for traditional flames for my ford lightning. I saw Mikes true fire, and not only was I hooked, but I also found a great friend. You have probably seen Mike on Overhaulin, Monster Garage, and...
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    mohave court house

    how far is the mohave county court house from lake havasu? Looks like i will be visiting February 26th and 27th for the Tim McDonald trail. Wouldn't mind getting a fell beers with fellow victims, and RDP members
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    kobe bryant

    killed in a helicopter crash along with 4 others this morning. RIP https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/26/kobe-bryant-killed-dead-helicopter-crash-in-calabasas/
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    Tim McDonald Trial

    Jury selection starts tomorrow Dec 3rd at 1:30 pm, and the trial starts on Wednesday. I know I will never see a dime from the outcome of this, but hopefully Tim will have to spend some time behind bars. I guess if was was to respond to the thread Dear Santa, please bring me a (blank) for Xmas...
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    family Guy

    anyone see Family Guy tonight, they recreated the fountain crash video where everyone was thrown
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    Hydromotive P5 props for sale

    I have two hydromotive P5 props from my Nordic for sale. HC CL29L P-5, HC CL29R P-5. props are in great condition, no scratched or chips. they were reworked to 30 pitch by hydromotive, and stamped on the side as HE 25961 RP30, HE 25962 RP 30 Im looking for $1,000 for both plus shipping. Props...
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    spare props

    So I have a couple of props from my nordic that it looks like I will not need thanks to Tim, what is the best avenue for selling these? they are hydromotive CL29L P5 CL29R P5 looks like they might have been worked to a 30 pitch based on stamping on the side HE 25961 RP 30 Thoughts, advise...
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    still looking for missing nordic flame

    As some may remember I was one of the victims of Tim McDonald and OCM marine. He sold my boat around May of 2014, and continued to tell me he had it for sale until his world came crashing down in October of 2015. here it is one year later, and I got a notice from the District Court of Oakland...