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    Paddleboards - Questions & Pics Of Outings

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    UFO in San Diego

    35 years ago when I heard this preached I used to think " UFO's ? Pfft " with the latest UFO craze and the state of our Gov it seems much less of a stretch. Weather you are beliver or not if a rapture did happen can you imagine what the left and all their athiest gender fluid anti God weirdos...
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    New Bridge In LB Harbor

    Good Fun ! Sounds like a great day, Spotties are fun to catch.
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    HAVE A PLAN ! When i'm lit up I simply pull over. However before I stop I roll all the windows down to make the officer feel more comfortable, turn off the car and and place the keys on the dash along with an large zip lock bag that says Insurance and registration written in big black...
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    [WTB] Found one thanks

    9K will hard to find in a SXS This is 13K https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/victorville-2012-rzr-xp4-900/7304129871.html
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    What kind of Asshole...

    I don't like cats but could NEVER imagine doing something this low. Glad you were there to step up. People are scumbags
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    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    All I have to say is " Get the cat " and he jumps right up the window and starts growling. Also very effective at keeping ducks out the pool.
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    Change my mind...

    That boat is beauty ! I was checking it out last week up close.
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    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    Outdoor cats are the worst. Trap them and take to the shelter. Or trap them, cover them with mustard and dirt and send them back out to walk thru thier owners cat door. They won't lick the mustard off so the owner gets the not so subtle message......So I've heard
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    Hey coffee snobs...

    I always think of myself as a coffee snob. The only thing I add to my cup is more coffee.
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    should I be politically correct or not??

    It is true and awesome but I would never put that on Business vehicle. Keep your company free of that drama. Theives suck and that sticker will not stop them. Perhaps a " This Vehicle equiped with a security camera" sticker camera would help ? I doubt it but it's possible.
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    Us festival 1983

    Cool to watch people enjoying a show. Now they stare at their phone the whole time.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    My parents in thier mid 80's both had Covid around Christmas. Mom tested + for antibodies so she won't be getting the vaccine. Dad did not take the antibody test and decided to take the vaccine anyway. Moderna first shot he had a very sore arm and a 99 fever and felt a little tired. 2nd shot two...
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    How much for block privacy walls?

    I'm doing pool, spa , fire pit, decking for WAY less than that. your buddy needs to shop around.
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    FOUND - No Longer Looking...

    Congrats ! It's hard not to go over budget in this market.
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    Short Term Rentals.

    Does anyone use a turnkey managment service in Havasu ? They chage like 15-20% but it is hands off if you don't " need " to make top dollar it sounds like a nice service.
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    Caitlyn Jenner for CA Govenor?

    I would be fun to watch the left discriminate against a tranny.
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    2021 Dodger baseball thread!!!!!!!

    I have enjoyed going to Dodger games my entire life. I would NEVER EVER sit thru a baseball game with a face daiper on even if it were game 7 of the world series. I guess I could just never stop eating and then I would not need it on ?
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    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

    When does GM cancel this "Evil" fossil fuel machine ? I thought they were going the way of RC cars ?