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    Free Food!

    Last month I hear a car come up my driveway. It is long and steep. You can't see my front door from the street. I figured it was an amazon delivery. A few minutes later I open the door and find a large food order from what appeared to be a Mexican restaurant. There was no receipt nor...
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    Hovercraft ??

    Today I took a bike ride from Brookhurst up to Dog Beach and then back to Huntington Beach. Got back to the truck around 1 and I was sitting there at the truck. A large craft was off shore quite a bit. The motors or fans or whatever were very loud and it was hard to see with all the mist/water...
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    Kitchen Remodel Question

    Two years ago, we remodeled our home in Riverside. We anticipated selling it, so didn't use top grade cabinets and granite. We redid the foot print, lighting, new appliances, paint etc. The wife has decided we aren't selling, so she wants better quality cabinets and granite. Hence, I am looking...
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    Kids Big wheel

    I have a kids big wheel sitting in the garage. My grand kids have outgrown it. If anyone has little kids and wants it, let me know. It is here in Havasu. The price is right. Free. Cheers, Steve
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    Curious-- Covid vs Flu Shot

    I only know a few people who have had or have the Rona. In my little world, the folks I know who got it didn't get a flu shot. So, my question is for those who had it and know people who had the rona, did they or did they not get a flu shot prior to getting the rona. Cheers, Steve
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    Stupid Commercials

    I try to not watch much regular TV because I dislike commercials. However, I occasionally watch some of the old sit-coms and the wife has her "shows" that she watches. As I observe regular TV, it seems like there is 17 minutes of the program and 13 minutes of ludicrous, stupid, insult your...
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    Huntington Beach Trump Rally

    Took a ride to HB today and it was a TRUMP rally. Incredible!! there were 1,000's of pro Trump supporters. None of us even heard about it. PCH was jammed with Trump supporters. It was an incredible positive vibe. I took a bunch of video, but it isn't coming out. Cheers, Steve
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    Looking For A Dirt Bike for Grandson

    Looking for a dirt bike for my grandson. He is 10, soon to be 11--but he is 5ft 5inches, big kid. He has been riding a honda 110. It is way too small for him. Have taken him to a few shops and most of the intro dirt/trail bikes have been too small. Found what I think fits him, a Kaw KLX 140 RX...
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    Which Inmate's Formula?

    Saw this on La Sierra. Who knows this boat? Cheers, Steve
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    Garage Help in the IE

    The wife has made it absolutely clear that we will never sell our Riverside house. It has been almost completely redone, with a few minor items left. Thanks to Tim and Bill for their help. (Riverbound and Mellowyellowvector.) Even though it has a 3 car garage, I can only get 2 cars inside. I...
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    Don Ermshar

    This morning, for some reason Don crossed my mind. He has been gone for almost 11 years. I referred various cases to him years ago. Perhaps I am getting older and considering my own mortality and a bit of spiritualism, but it seems to me that the spirit/soul of those who have passed are among...
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    New Rules in Riverside County

    No gatherings with anyone except family members you live with and mandatory masks if you leave home. https://ktla.com/news/not-everybodys-getting-the-message-riverside-county-health-officials-order-people-to-stay-home-cover-face-when-leaving-home/ Cheers, Steve
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    Havasu electrician or handyman referral

    One of my fluorescent light fixtures died. Thought it was the bulbs, so changed them and still doesn't work. Looking for a referral for an electrician or maybe a handy man to fix it. Thanks, Steve
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    The Wife RestauRANT Game

    Am I the only one who has to play the Wife restauRANT game? Wife says," I'm hungry, lets go out to dinner/lunch/ breakfast." So off we go. I ask where she wants to go. "I don't care, anything is fine." Then as I am driving, I am thinking this will not end well. Sure enough I get the, "Where are...
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    Havasu Television Hookup

    It's time to upgrade a few televisions at the Havasu house. Originally I bought all the TV's at Walmart. I might go back to WM and purchase the new TV's. However, I thought I would ask if their is a go to person or shop in Havasu to get TV's. Where do most people in Havasu buy their TV's? Also...
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    Pep Boys Sucks

    My daughter goes to pep boys and gets 2 tires. Within a week, one of the tires sidewall separates. She goes back to PB's and they finally agree to replace the tire. She then buys two more tires, so she will have all new tires. She waits for an hour while they do the "install." I see her the...
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    California Confusion

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    Doctors Havasu

    For those who have relocated to Havasu from CA, have you found good doctors there or do you keep going to your doctors in CA? Or have you located Docs in Vegas and or Phoenix? Is the medical care in Havasu on par with CA? Thoughts? Cheers, Steve
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    Septic Repair in Riverside

    Does anyone have a referral for a septic repair company in Riverside? Thanks, Steve
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    CAD design/ Prototype Help

    I am looking for referrals to anyone who I can work with to do a simple cad design and help develop a prototype. The product is relatively simple and should be able to be made using a 3 D printer. I can provide more info if needed. I have done my share of due diligence. Regards, Steve