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    21 toy hauler

    https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/tro/d/boulder-city-21-toy-hauler/7300038980.html Dm if interested.
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    Gel coat repair finally done!

    Boat has been in the gel coat shop getting some stress cracks and some chips repaired been almost 3 weeks excited to see the final product! For being a 30 year old boat he said gel was in great shape considering it's age and showed little signs of neglect from previous owners. Multiple different...
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    Rebuild engine or repower

    Is it more cost effective to rebuild a engine and upgrade it or buy new engines ? I have twin 454 7.4l motors that I believe are a good platform to rebuild and update. Looking to get at least 600hp out of each. Still have a bit of life left in them I'm just starting to get a build sheet...
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    Engine bay cleaning

    What's the best method , and best, chemicals to use inside the engine bay? Have a bit of oil spillage from oil changes ( not my doing) and years of build up crud. Any tips or tricks appreciated.
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    Family pictures

    These are a few pictures of me and my family growing up on lake mead. I posted a thread on the story behind this old hallett. I was going through some old pics and I just had to share them. Some are of my Grandpas day cruiser, one is of my uncle's Commander he called it "the knife". Going...
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    Electric water pumps

    Anyone use or have experience with using a electric water pump on their motors ? Wondering if they are worth using good idea ? Bad idea? I can see the pros and cons of both but any real world experience and advise would be appreciated. Would be used on gen 5 454.
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    Boat story

    So I feel compelled to tell this story pretty crazy and I feel meant it's to be. So here it goes. Fate has its way to finding you no matter you position in life. I was born in 1989 and my dad bought his first hallett boat in 1990. It was a 32 ft hallett and I believe to my knowledge it was the...
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    New member

    How's everyone doing I'm Kurt newest member on rdp. I live in Vegas always out on the water either lake mead or Lake Havasu hope to meet some awesome people on the water cheers !