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    Financing 2005

    I know lots of threads on this topic. I’m trying to figure out how to price my Rage appropriately. According to NADA it’s valued around 31K but that seems to be under the market and I’ve done some upgrades Hardin SS water pump, new Livorsi gauges with GPS, spare SS prop, Bimini, bow cover, boat...
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    Aloha from Canyon Lake, TX

    Nice Friday evening on the lake. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Vessel View Mobile 496 HO install HELP

    I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. I found the yellow terminator cover and this is what I found when I uncovered it: Im confused about the jumper wires at the top and the pins don’t look anything like this: I’d appreciate y’all help. Thanks much! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I posted a while back about my 2005 Rage with a 496 HO and an issue with the fuel system where paint was coming off the fuel regulator and getting into the fuel system. I did some research and sure enough the cold fuel system in the 2005 series had this happen and it causes very serious issues...
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    Choosing wheel size - 2012 Ram Cummins

    Need to pick the brain of some of the truck guys. Soon I'll be buying new wheels and tires for the Ram and I'm putting some thought into wheel size. The truck came with 18" wheels and when it was time to replace tires I got a really good deal on some Longhorn 20" wheels with take off rubber...
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    496 HO Paint Flaking into the Fuel System?

    Got a call from my mechanic telling me that they wanted to bring an issue to my attention with regard to the fuel regulator and paint flaking into the fuel flow that causes problems with the injectors. The solution... replace the entire fuel module for $1100. The boat's a 2005 Nordic Rage. I...
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    Need some help from the electrical gurus

    This will be easy for the experienced electrician.... completing the build on our new home build and I had them install a 50 Amp generator panel so should we lose power we can hook up a generator and plug into the panel and keep the refrigerator and other essentials running. I also had them...
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    Blower vent cover

    Anyone know where I can get blower vent covers for the back of my Rage? The white plastic has aged and I figured I'd replace them as I'm going to be installing a new blower motor in the off season. Thanks for your help.
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    Havasu rookie - need some wisdom

    Ok I found a place from someone on the forum for a more reasonable price. The place is on Peachblossom. Would y'all leave your boat parked out front in that area? I just saw someone post about someone stealing a prop. It looks like launching would happen at the state park. Any concerns? I'd...
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    Need a rental 5-9 June

    We're headed for San Diego to run in the Rock and Roll marathon and then headed for Havasu for a few days. We'll be hauling our Rage with us from San Antonio. I grew up on the lower river but would like to try Havasu this time. Not interested in the party crowd and would prefer something with a...
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    Building a house - AC in the garage?

    So we're going to build a home here in San Antonio and I'm going to take the opportunity to tandem one if not four garage bays. I'd like to get at least one of the bay's ac controlled. I've seen some other folks do this in climates like Havasu where it's pretty much miserable to work on the boat...
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    New gauges - advice?

    So every year I try to do some type of upgrade to the boat. I'm running out of time so this year I think it's going to be upgrading the gauges as a set and making the switch to a gps speedo. I'm getting a quote from the folks at Livorsi. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this process or...
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    Here we go... How bad is the fuel pump problem with the Ford 6.7

    I've been studying diesel trucks for a few years anticipating a purchase and it will be time in the Spring. I was excited when the Ford came out and even went and drove one in 2011 knowing I was going to let someone else drive it for 80 - 100k before I made my purchase. A buddy of mine bought...
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    Fabrication/engineering advice - ski pylon

    I have a 2005 Nordic Rage. I love the fact that it runs reasonably fast but the truth is it's primarily a ski, tube, wakeboard boat for my five kids. Every once in a while I kick them out and head for 5250. I spoke with mike at Nordic and he thinks Dana Marine used to make some type of kit to...
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    496 HO sea water pump w/pulley - not sure how much to ask?

    Towards the end of last season if I ran WOT for more than 30 seconds my Rage would go into guardian mode. The diagnosis was the sea water pump even though I had replaced the impeller. Faced with buying a new pump I chose to go with the Hardin stainless model and got it with the pulley. The unit...
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    Lexus parts connection?

    Does anyone have ideas on where I can purchase lexus parts besides the dealer? We just purchased a 2009 RX350 and the dimmer switch/trip meter switch was broken. The dealer wants $265. Looks like a pretty simple install if I could just order the right part. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Water between the engine cover/sunpad and fiberglass shell

    I just had Nordic redo the skins for my sunpad and I'm getting ready to put it all back together and there's a lot of residue that seems to be from water getting between the wood that the upholstery is attacted to and the fiberglass shell that covers the engine ie. the hatch. Any ideas on how...
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    Stuck Innovative Stern Light

    any ideas? Extends fully although it clicks for a good 30 seconds like it wants go up further and then stays about a foot and a half extended after it finishes retracting. It also clicks on the downward motion like it's trying to retract but doesn't. Light pressure doesn't help. I've noticed...
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    Oil Filter and Water

    I think I know your answer but thought I'd post this and take the fire... Let's say you're in the process of changing the oil on your 496HO and you're just about ready to spin on the new filter but for just a fraction of a second you set it down on the swim step forgetting it has a rounded...
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    If you were going to tow...

    around a 3,700 pound 25' Rage, that's not counting the trailer, fuel, or anything in the boat and put 5-6 people in the vehicle and tow thousands of miles for instance from San Antonio to Lake Powell AND you did your homework and decided against diesel because the truck would primarily be...