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  1. Riverbound

    Glamis north hot springs......

    Switched my program up a little and we did a trip there for my Buddys birthday and our final trip of the season. Birthday boy. Definitely will go back. The riding was so so a little rocky for my tastes but the pools were definitely worth it. Filling up 4 trucks at a time with...
  2. Riverbound

    Another dog thread......

    Today I had to send my best friend across the rainbow bridge. For those of you that have spent time with me at the river. You will know my dog Bella. She came into my life during a right time and was my best companion. She was a chihuahua/pig mix I rescued. She was up there in age at 15. But...
  3. Riverbound

    Got myself a new thermostat

  4. Riverbound

    So what’s everyone’s game plan??

    At this long it’s seeming like a crap shoot or a dream that Trump will actually win this thing. We can al hope for, legal battles, Magic ballots showing up, etc. but this election was night and Ali’s for a long time ago. Losing faith that this will be a win and wondering what everyone...
  5. Riverbound

    Jeep hook up.

    Mom is looking for a gladiator rubicon diesel. Who’s the go to for Jeeps?
  6. Riverbound

    Selective service system??

    https://www.sss.gov/ Anyone ever hear of this? My some received a letter at his moms stating it’s required? Registration for Men 18-25 Selective Service registration is required by law as the first part of a fair and equitable system that, if authorized by the President and Congress, would...
  7. Riverbound

    Tow vehicle help

    Found a deal on a dually I couldn’t pass up. So now I’m starting to out fit or for desert season. We will be doing a lot more dry camping and trips to Glamis this year, and this truck will work well for us. Im ashamed to say I went with a Chevy as I’m a die hard Cummins guy.....but it’s what I...
  8. Riverbound

    Looks like my dad might have the covid.

    Haven’t talked to him in years due to a falling out we had. Got a text from my sisters that it’s suspected he has it. Lifelong smoker, older and not in the greatest of health. Might not be good. torn in this one. We have had no relationship the last 5 years but he’s still my dad.
  9. Riverbound

    Our family is growing by 1.

    Our little girl is learning to walk. She will be home 6-18.
  10. Riverbound


    Caught on my next door neighbors ring last night. Stopped and zoomed in thinking it was jsit a bug. And it has a pulse type tail behind it.
  11. Riverbound

    Indoor Air quality

    Due to resent events we have had a huge surge in requests to come up with solutions to clean and purify air. We have been working with medical providers (Dentistry, chiro, etc) to provide solutions. We also have had a surge in residential requests. Figured I would start this thread and...
  12. Riverbound

    Start a kitchen remodel right before a pandemic starts.

    We had scrounged our pennies together for a long time and had finally decided to pull the trigger on building our dream kitchen. As luck would have it...right after demo started. This covid nightmare started. Oh well. We will push through. And chronicle this shit show. Lol. This is what we...
  13. Riverbound

    Ain’t no martial law....

    When drinking claws.
  14. Riverbound

    Orange County is closed.

    Just received notice.
  15. Riverbound

    Your first boat.....

    You ever wonder where yours went? I get to see mine quote often. She still looks great and is a regular on the strip. The current owner has taken great care of it. This was today at Foxes.
  16. Riverbound

    When you least expect it......

    It always happens when you’re least prepared. This was a statement made during one of my CCW courses. ......fast forward to Saturday night. Sitting around the campfire, having drinks and watching super Cross on the RV TV. We finish up super cross and decide it’s time to head to bed. My son...
  17. Riverbound

    Who was the trailer guy on here?

    Im going to need to get a trailer for my pre runner and I recall their being a board member that sold them. On the same token if anyone on here is looking to get rid of one Im in the market. Looking for n 18-20 needs to have drive over fenders or flat deck. would like to be able to pull...
  18. Riverbound

    Richer Racing Bronco build for RB’s Mom

    After spending another New Years in the desert with us. My mom decided it was time for her to have a pre runner to join in on the fun. After looking over a few and narrowing it down I called Jonny at Richer Racing to get his input on the trucks we were looking at. Somehow the conversation...
  19. Riverbound

    2014 sand sport 300 fsg. Baddest mofo bumper pull.

    We are upgrading to a 5th wheel and will be either selling or trading in our current rig. We have owned this since new it’s a great trailer. We have towed it to Montana Idaho Utah az all throughout Ca and never had an issue. has upgraded axles from the factory, tires are less than 2 years...
  20. Riverbound

    5th wheel toy hauler help.....help me spend my wife’s money. [emoji23]

    After many years of service we have realized we need to go to a larger trailer. Our average trip is 5 teenage boys, 1 9 year old girl, 2 adults and 3 dogs. Things get beyond cramped in our current rig. (Btw it’s for sale if anyone is looking for the baddest mofo in bumper pulls) we have...