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  1. TPC

    Who’s Been Up All Night?

    Wife worked 18 hr shift then they begged her to double back - so home alone. Watching Twilight Zone marathons on SyFi channel. Who’s been up all night?
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    Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dies in prison at 82

    "Bernard Madoff, the infamous architect of an epic securities swindle that burned thousands of investors, outfoxed regulators and earned him a 150-year prison term, died behind bars early Wednesday. He was 82." The whole family was in on it as far as I'm concerned.
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    Best place to buy Pro Sports Tickets?

    Any takes on a good, reliable place to buy pro sports tickets? Thanks.
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    Harbor Freights new Line of Generators:

    The 9500 lacks a 50 AMP receptacle. Video gets informative at 2:30:
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    Promotional Pass outs: Snake Oil:

    Been a long time since a boat at the river would pull up alongside and pass out a free coozies, a bottle of wakeboard boot slime, sunscreen, tshirt or other promo items. Last week we were at the Trona Pinnacles and some girls rolled up handing out Snake Oil remedies:
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    RDP Dogma, Episode 14. Tough Love Standoff.

    I thought what the hell, I'd put a handful of shredded cheese or a chopped up hot dog in the dogs kibble. Now she's 14 lbs. over weight and the wife has suspended my dog feeding privileges. "You'd give the dog a Titos bloody Mary if I wasn't screening this." - The wife. 4th day of kibble only...
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    Right now at Foxes

    Busy - Hour wait for food Docks and parking lot full
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    Wife and I usually stop off if our destination route passes through here. A few interesting trails the wife still wants to explore. It’s good trail riding here. Camped on Plomosa wife walked the dog while I pressed buttons setting up camp. Over an hour we got surrounded by single women living...
  9. TPC

    Where Will Boat/'Toon Pricing Go as the Pandemic Recedes?

    We were targeting a 'Toon with twin 400's. Within months the already unreasonable, unnegotiable high price rose an additional $60K. I carefully choose my special requests and debates with the wife and know better to just lump it for now. Especially with a price jump like that. What are we...
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    Solar and wind power? Watch this:

    Maybe a Vin but what the hey: Listen to every word - watch the whole video:
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    PS 5 Arrived

    Made it outta the Texas Target WH just ahead of the weather:
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    RESET: At the Buy Almost Anything Ya Want Price and Selling well. Yamaha 275SD

    $150K and they sell out every year COVID or not. At that price I didn't think they would. The paddle shifts for docking are clever and work superb: Watch the docking maneuvers:
  13. TPC

    Kovid Kitchen: Hot Dog Soup. Kids love it

    Hell, I dunno. I make it they eat it. Might not be for you but the kids request it: 1 onion, chopped 2 tablespoons margarine 3 potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce 1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth 1 (9 ounce) package frozen green beans 1 (16 ounce) package beef...
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    Maynards 21 Today.

    Nothings changed since Jim Boatnam was teaching him how to shoot pool at the Del Rio bar at 6. “ you’re in school kid”
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    Valentines Day the 14th: Name the Cool Things That Make Your S.O. Amazing:

    Our wedding anniversary is approaching and I hear if you can do 15 you can make it to 20. Things about her that work for me: Never had a bad day in her life. Never had a bad meal in her life. Never lost her cool. Quick to forgive and forget. Compassionate and kind and giving beyond anyone...
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    Quarantine Kitchen: Up a notch w/ Grill Cheese & Tomato Soup:

    Cheap thrills: The Pacific Foods Soups in the carton take it to a higher level. Streets ahead of the canned stuff. Wife likes both Swiss and yellow cheddar on Cheesecake Factory house bread.
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    Tuft & Needle Mattress for the RV (or home). $100 off at Sams Club

    $299 for the Queen mattress. That's a good deal. It's lightweight enough you can still easily lift the under bed storage. Bed looks like a soup sandwich when I make it. Wife walks by and tunes it up in 5 seconds and it looks showroom perfect. They introduced a lower cost line; the Nod. We...
  18. TPC

    What are you Paying / What should we be paying to get our taxes done?

    Straight forward: my W2, Wifes W2 one kid still at home, house paid off. Not much in deduction no payout or cash outs/draws from investments. What should long form cost us?
  19. TPC

    Gamestop/Hedgefunds/Robin Hood/Gamer small traders/Wall Street - WTF Happened?

    NPR is calling Robinhood a hero app, conservative talk-a-thons calling Robinhood corrupt, everyone calling Hedgefunds and Wall Street crooks, evidently mini-investing gamers were going to be fucked by Wall Street and they closed ranks and fucked back - WTF happened? Can anyone explain...
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    "Without electricity, your generation is nothin'." or What are your plans today?

    At 4:30 AM this morning I stepped outside with the dog and it was warm and a breeze picking up. A text from SCE dinged in telling they anticipate high winds and a 24 hour power shut off is imminent. So I rolled out and plugged the generator in to power the house. Our Kids have online tests and...