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  1. Justsomeguy

    7.4mpi help

    So, last time I was at the river I got an alarm above 3500rpm. Temp Guage looked normal, oil pressure read high if anything. Oil level good. Drive oil level good. Fast forward to today. I have a rinda and hook it up. I get oil pressure low, engine over heat, general alarm1 and general alarm...
  2. Justsomeguy

    Who was it?

    Who was running up the Newport coast today?
  3. Justsomeguy

    Something different

    Thought this was pretty cool. My brother in law is a fellow boater. While he had some down time he made me this as a Christmas gift. The wood is actually purple. It's called purple heart wood. I thought it was unique and I really appreciated it.
  4. Justsomeguy

    Just got this email.

    Just got an email from shine supply. I know I've been talking about them a lot on here. But I really am a fan of not just the products, but the man behind them. I use it on everything and I coated my truck, cars and boat myself. I love everything he offers. Enough of that, the reason I'm...
  5. Justsomeguy

    What is the difference?

    What is the difference between an Ultra 21 XS, LX and Stealth? I have been trying to search for this but have not really found any answers.
  6. Justsomeguy

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Hello, Name is Marc. Followed the forum for years dreaming of the day owned a boat so I would finally join. Picked this habit up through friends in my high school years. Been hooked ever since. Happy to finally have purchased a new to me ultra 21 with a big block 7.4mpi in it. Love it and been...