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    23 R/L Hydromotive Intimidator Q-IV Prop Set For Sale

    The right hand prop looks perfect. The left hand prop has some marks on the trailing edge of the blade. I am guessing it had some trauma while in reverse. I included a picture of the worst blade on the left hand prop. This was a spare set that I received when I bought a Fountain. I do not see...
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    Leaking Trim Pump Reservoir

    It can be leaking from the reservoir or the back of the pump. If you take the 2 3/8 bolts off the back of the bracket you can separate the pump and reservoir from the bracket. There are 2 plugs on the back side of the pump that leak. They are not serviceable and the pump will need to be...
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    MRE’s - Prepper Survival supplies take 2

    My wife and I went over to Dave's shop and tried the MRE's. They tasted great. We bought the pallet seen above. Yes it takes some space but I feel the food shortages are coming. Be prepared. $1,000 to guarantee that many meals works for me. Thanks Dave.
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    Ho Lee Fuk

    In the mid 90's I decided to take flying lessons. I thought since I had owned and had driven a lot of fast cars, boats and motorcycles that it would be a piece of cake and I would have it down in no time. That was not the case, it was a very humbling experience. Flying adds a third dimension...
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    What a nasty taste I have

    Right there with you......sucks to write that check.
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    Baby rattler or...?

    It is 100% a Rattle Snake. We used to catch them at Chantry Flats in junior high school. They get a new rattle every time they shed. They don't always have a rattle, sometimes they come off. Next shed they will start a new one.
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    Olden Days on the Strip

    That first picture was where my sex education took place. I was with my older cousin in my uncles Rogers and we would tie up at the Dam. Lots of the girls took there clothes off to sun and party. Back in those days it was not easy for a young man to see a naked girl. I was probably around 12...
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    Havasu banking

    End of last year wife and I opened 6 accounts at Foothills. They have been fantastic. Marjorie is the branch manager and has gone above and beyond. For example Government investments wanted a Medallion signature which not many do anymore. She called Government number, waited on hold for a long...
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    What to do with idle cash right now?

    It can be 30 years if you want to leave it that long. It is a 1 year minimum. Even if you take all the money out after a year and take the 3 month interest penalty it still pays 5+ percent. 10,000 per person per year. Interest cant go negative, you can't loose principle. Tough to beat in my...
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    Two pounds of shit in a one-pound bag. Solar in a Lance camper.

    Nice job on the install. I have a Lance 1055 that I did a solar install on. I posted pictures of the install on Lance owners of America forum. It is a one time charge of 35.00 for a lifetime membership. There are some really nice and helpful people on it. The bubble on the front of your camper...
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    London Bridge Road closed?

    My wife is doing it. 1500 meter swim, 40k bike and 10k run. The bike includes two laps of the outer loop hills of Crystal Beach. The run makes two laps through Rotary park and Channel, then ends at Windsor four.
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    Old T-Shirts

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    Suggestions Needed For A Movie Or Series To Watch

    bosch was a really good series and I also liked Banshee, in that order.
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    Cost of fuel at the marina and Pirates

    I was buying fuel in Bullhead yesterday and saw this sticker on the pump. I thought it was great so I had my wife print some different ones on her computer, only to find I am out of red ink:mad:. I will be off tomorrow for an ink cartridge. Cant wait to put these on some liberal Palm Springs gas...
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    LHC Body Shop Help

    Another vote for Don's. They did work on my Crew cab and it turned out perfect. Great to work with when it came to insurance claim.
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    Shop Soap

    I have been a mechanic for over fifty years and Tide is the best I have found. I have tried the others mentioned and nothing works as well as Tide.
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    1:36 vs 1:50 gear ratio

    Gear swap with a helical gear bravo or bravo X drive is in the top gears. Straight cut gear swap as in an XR is in the lower unit.
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    Mailbox doors

    Check out fort knox mailboxes, pricey but really nice quality.
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    SOLD - 1999 35' Fountain Executioner

    Boat is sold!! Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.