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    I need help with actuators please

    These are the actuators I have. One works, one doesn't. The consensus is to just replacement with new ones. I am fine with that but everywhere I search there are so many I don't know what to get. They are 12 inches in total length and I would like to have something the same size. Can...
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    Best actuator

    What is the most cost effective decent actuator to run the plates on my 24 Spectra. Thanks for any advise.
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    Connections in CA

    Anybody have a connection in CA that could get me the owners name and address of a boat owner using the CA registration #? Happy to pay you for your time, also if I buy the boat will pay you a finders fee. Thanks for any help, Trent.
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    Does anyone know whos 24 Spectra this is?

    Does anyone know who's 24 Spectra this is? I believe its in the Havasu area but not a 100% sure. I am trying to get ahold of owner to ask him a few questions about it. Thanks for any help.
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    Looking for this 24xs Spectra

    Does anyone know this boat or who happens to own it? Looks like it was for sale in Havasu about a year ago. Thanks for any help
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    Looking for a clean 24xs vdrive, will pay good money for right boat.

    Looking for a 24xs vdrive if anyone has a lead on one or owns one they would be willing to part with. Must be a vdrive, must be a 24, must be a XS. I am really looking for a clean one that is already done and ready to use. Thanks for any help or leads, Trent.
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    Need non bias opinion

    So I have had two 24xs Spectras, one with big power. I am looking at a stepped deck 22 schiada that is half way across the country. Not looking for a speed comparison but how they compare to ride in. The spectra was bigger and heavier and rode like a Cadillac in the chop. Anyone ridden in...
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    Dolly trailer parts, where to find?

    What's the best place online to find, fenders, axles, etc for a dolly trailer build? Thanks
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    Dolly trailer specs

    What kind of speeds could you tow a nice dolly trailer? I have an old stars and stripes Mastercraft ski boat I would like to put on a dolly trailer. Doesn't need breaks because boat doesn't weigh much and wouldn't tow it very far but could I run 65 mph down the highway for twenty miles? Thanks
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    twin turbo 1980 24XS Spectra

    1980 Spectra 24XS Vdrive. 540 Cubic inch 900 HP Brummet/Race Aero Twin Turbo Motor is based on GM Bowtie Block with Brodex aluminum Heads. Motor was built for durability and longevity by Carson. Turbo 400 3-speed transmission, 12* Casale with 1-1/8 prop shaft. Calgo dual cable steering rebuilt...
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    24 xs Spectra for sale, 502 vdrive

    73 24 XS Spectra, 502, Champion Vdrive, cav plates are recessed into bottom of boat(I don't know of another one like it) glass tanks cut out and replaced with stainless steel. engine rebuilt two summers ago and very little use since. Interior really needs redone. The top from rubrail up was...
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    old school trailer wheels

    Are these the same wheels and if so is it possible to find the center caps? Any idea what brand of wheels they are? Thanks for any input
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    what is the best electric actuator to use for 24 Spectra?

    this is my current one that crapped out on me. I would like to find one that is electric but moves as quick as possible. Thanks for you help, any links where to buy would be greatly appreciated
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    HP vs speed 24 Spectra XS

    Anybody have a good guess on the HP needed to get a v-drive 24 XS Spectra to go 70 mph? Thanks Trent
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    not sure where to ask, adding wood deck to existing boat.

    Dumb question but when people add a wood deck to an existing boat with out one how is it attached? How do they attach the wood frame to the existing fiberglass hull? Thanks for any insite and/or pics. Trent
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    24 XS gas tanks

    Anybody have the measurements for replacements tanks and/or a set forsale? Thanks Trent
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    wtb large neovane water pump or impeller cover

    Need cover for large neovane water pump, would buy whole unit if need be. Thanks Trent 817-683-2280
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    need help please

    I am trying to find a cover for an old Neovane water pump(the larger one). I need the actual cover that goes over the impelled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The part number to the pump is v-105-3. Thanks again Trent
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    spectra 24xs in the Seatle area

    Trying to get a customer cover made for my 24xs by a company in Seatle. Does anyone know of a 24xs in the area so he can take measurements. Thanks a million