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  1. Dirty Daytona

    Tach jumping around!!! Any ideas?

    Maybe someone can help me with this issue. 2006 27 Daytona with a carbureted big block chevy. Standard 2 wire distributor, mercruiser coil, pretty basic setup. My problem is 1/2 throttle and above the tach goes apeshit and jumps all over. When this is happening the engine is running perfectly...
  2. Dirty Daytona

    Battery question?????

    I need to replace the 3 house batteries on my boat, any recommendations? I don’t want to go with Optima because I don’t want to replace my boxes. Any opinions on VMAX or fullriver? I was hoping to keep it $300 or under for each battery. Thanks guys.
  3. Dirty Daytona

    What size are my trailer rims?

    I Want to buy new rims for my trailer. The trailer is a 2006 advantage with 5 lug 15 inch rims on it. Does anyone know the lug pattern, width and offset I should buy. I want to replace the dorky chrome ones with cool guy black ones!!!
  4. Dirty Daytona

    [WTS] RH 24 pitch Bravo 1 prop

    No dings, scratches or nicks. $400 OBO
  5. Dirty Daytona

    Question about trim limit switch bravo 1

    So I did a motor swap from 496 HO to a carb motor. My trailer switch still works but the trim switch on the stick only goes up now. It worked fine before the swap. I checked the wires coming in from the drive to see if the trim limit switch got disconnected. There is a wire coming from there...
  6. Dirty Daytona

    video of new motor running, sounds pretty decent!!!

    Got the beast running today, testing at Elsinore tomorrow!!!
  7. Dirty Daytona

    Question for you guys....high temp alarm sending unit for Edelbrock intake manifold???

    My new motor is almost done and I cant seem to locate a high temp alarm sending unit to fit the Edelbrock intake manifold. Anybody know a source or part # for that? Thanks for your help.
  8. Dirty Daytona

    Looking to trade some BBC CMI Fusions for E tops or comparable

    So I just bought a motor and it has brand new CMI Fusions on it and I need E-tops so I can use my existing system......anyone?
  9. Dirty Daytona

    Switching from 496 HO to carb motor???

    So I am currently running a 496 HO in my 2006 27 daytona. I have a chance to pick up a 550 HP motor, aluminum heads, with headers for a REALLY good price. But......it’s a carburetor motor. Any thoughts on advantages, disadvantages on swapping to a carb motor? I only run at havasu so tuning isn’t...
  10. Dirty Daytona

    Anybody have a 26 pitch prop for sale in Havasu?

    I’m looking for a 26 pitch bravo 1 prop for sale in Havasu.....hopefully this morning before I go on the water!!!!
  11. Dirty Daytona

    Machine shop temecula/Elsinore area?

    Sorry to bug you guys, I know I posted this before but I can’t find the post. I need a recommendation for a good machine shop to inspect my heads and surface them if needed. Hopefully in the temecula/Elsinore southern IE area. Thanks again guys.
  12. Dirty Daytona

    Sad boating season so far.....

  13. Dirty Daytona

    Best online trading app for beginner

    What’s the best online trading app for stocks for a beginner? User friendly? Thanks for the input.
  14. Dirty Daytona

    2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

    Super clean bike, only 6029 miles. Lots of powder coat, S&S air cleaner, Vance and Hines Fuelpak 3, 2 into 1 shorty exhaust, Patriot Genesis fork springs, Baja Designs LED aux lights, Joker Machine serrated floorboards, Joker Machine serrated brake pad, mini apes, Roland Sands seat, stock seat...
  15. Dirty Daytona

    Help with ARP head bolt part number for 496

    I’m trying to order a set of ARP head bolts for my 496 HO. ARP shows about 50 different options for big blocks on their site. I called ARP to try and get the correct part number for a bone stock mercruiser 496. I got a song and dance about mercruiser modifies the heads and they might be...
  16. Dirty Daytona

    Another probably stupid 496 question from me......

    I'm taking the heads off this weekend and hoping its just a head gasket and I got the Cometic part number from the encyclopedia Peter (02Howard). I look up Cometic C5765-040 and that shows the head gasket and says LEFT SIDE ONLY. Here is the dumb question; are both side the same or do I need to...
  17. Dirty Daytona

    Engine shop recommendation in Inland Empire/So Cal?????

    Can anyone recommend a good, reliable shop for engine work in the Inland Empire? I live in the Menifee/Murrieta area but I am open to traveling anywhere in So Cal. 27 Daytona with 496 HO with cooling issues, more than likely needs a head gasket. I'm not looking for performance work, just for a...
  18. Dirty Daytona

    496 overheating issues!!! Please help

    2006 496 HO. I’m out in havasu trying to enjoy my weekend. Boat keeps dumping coolant into the bilge. Figured out the coolant was leaking out of the reservoir cap. I’m going to get a new cap in the morning. The boat runs normal temps at idle. The boat also runs normal temps running it at speed...
  19. Dirty Daytona

    Need help with extreme trailer brake parts and seals

    I have a 2006 eliminator with a tandem axle extreme trailer. Anybody know part numbers on seals and brake pads???
  20. Dirty Daytona

    Coolant in water question??

    I went to change the oil today in my 496....when I took the oil filter off the oil inside the filter looked slightly milky. I looked at the oil that I sucked out of the engine and it didn’t look milky at all. Any ideas???